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My head is broke

When I ordered my computer they sent a free 2gb pen drive with it, “WORLD’S SMALLEST” as proclaimed by the packaging. I’ve lost it 4 times so far, but it’s always managed to turn up again, I’ve got it tied to my purse now, which kinda defeats the fact it’s supposed to be so tiny, but oh well. Emmy ate my 8gb Corsair one, it still works but it’s not got a case, so it’s useless for now.

Shit like this totally breaks my head, though.

I am in love with dropbox. <3

Course is fun, got to play with a lathe, and file a bit of metal, it’s not as full-time as I was expecting but it’s all good!

Uhh, the chicks are getting big, they should start laying eggs soon I hope, I bought “Digest on the diseases of birds” and I just paid out £100 for a bus pass because £4/day, 4 days a week was  getting way too expensive.

Went to a carboot with granddad, didn’t buy much. He finally got round to taking me flying a few weeks ago, it wasn’t what I was expecting. (I was kinda more thinking like this)

That’s all I guess.

Getting there

Doesn’t look like I can get a replacement motherboard all that easily and there’s gotta be a reason it failed in the first place.

So for now, this is the plan.

Probably with a slightly more meaty power supply and Windows 7 from Software4Students (hopefully). It’s still about ohh… £500 more than we can afford, but whatever. Hopefully it’ll last me another five years+

Might reuse the case from my old computer. It’s an Antec Sonata II with the duct removed and the LEDS that can light up the entire room switched off. There’s another Antec case, possibly a Sonata I, lying around somewhere too. Might be under my bed.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Henrietta’s First Egg!

Still warm!



Not done much today, but the day before yesterday I planted 25 tomato seeds, a raspberry plant, a fushia and a lavender I found surviving in a corner left over from last year.

Rode my bike 4-5 miles twice, but I think I need to work out how to sit properly, because I’m putting way too much weight on my hands. Rode down to the Sankey Viaduct and back.  (Well, a bit further because I got kind of lost) I knew it would be huge but I didn’t expect it to be quite so massive.

The tomatoes should be fun when they come up, 25 random heirloom varities, it’s not promised they’ll all be different, but should still be fun. I planted some round cucumbers too. There’s another 25 random tomato seeds still in the packet in the kitchen but I didn’t want to totally overwhelm myself. I think it’s time to invest in some growbags.

Welp, time to go put the chickens to bed.


I guess that’s all my birthday stuff, still no new harddrive but I’m ok with that. Didn’t do anything else to celebrate it, didn’t even get a meal out. :(

But I got chickens and that’s still awesome!

Granddad drove me down to the place this morning and I got got two BlackRocks (Black but one has some blue feathers and one has gold so we can tell them apart) they were really quiet in the car, we didn’t hear a single noise from them! They also refused to leave the house once we got them home, so after leaving them a few hours I dug up a worm for them. They were out and scratching around looking for more within minutes.



Heh, I went out and took pictures of them. Look!

Pictures from when I was building the coop, and pictures from now! (ish) Mum has named the blue one Henrietta and the goldy one Hermia. Next one is going to be Abigale and then Mildred if it suits. Gonna also get some wood and build a bigger run onto the house once the dogs have settled down a bit (Really, it’s only Lucy that’s the problem. The moment they make a noise, terrier kicks in. But once she’s settled she should be totally bombproof with them.)

Need to go buy hay tomorrow. Didn’t manage to get an Araucana but maybe I can buy hatching eggs or there’ll be somebody close by selling them, I can’t make Granddad drive all the way out there again. Leghorns also lay green eggs apparently so that’s a possibility. I also like the hens with the emo haircuts.


I’ve tidied up a lot more since these were taken. But I forgot to put the bins out last week and can’t do much until they’re emptied. Gonna start clearing out the shed and buy some bins for chicken feed, next.

Burnt meat on the little bucket barbaque yesterday, my hair still smells of smoke. Partly because I also burnt a whole magazine and several junk letters. I’m sad we haven’t had more political propoganda through the letterbox, all we’ve gotten so far is a letter from a lib dem candidate we can’t even vote for and one from the tory candidate. Still not feeling great, but a bit better than I did yesterday. Just a bit. Might be dairy that’s doing it, but it’s kinda hard to avoid…

Tempted to go make a cake, anyway. Away!

They should all have descriptions. Click and click again for big!

Apparently the alt-text option doesn’t work. Irritating.

Pictures! I thought I’d taken more than this.

WordPress is a pain. It absolutely refuses to give me the tab so I can use the gallery feature. (And when I type that, it finally loads the tab! damn thing)

Christmas Pics

IrfanView will mass-resize images, that’s nice to know.

On that note, here are some pictures and whatnot from Christmas. Doesn’t crash so long as I only get a couple at a time.

I didn take many.

Nom nom how the hell is it 4am already

Just noting, I added a background to the comments, the blankness was iritating me. It’s not perfect but it’ll do. Everything below this is filler.

I also managed to sort-of break my mouse. Took it apart because it was spazzing out and managed to lose the little metal bit that makes the scrollwheel click. It still works fine though, just feels odd. It’s an MX700 with a shell from an MX500. (Basically the same mouse with a textured casing and not wireless)

I love this mouse, it’s heavy and it’s been working a good 5 years without breaking for more than a few minutes. I’d buy a new one, exactly the same, but they don’t seem to sell them anywhere anymore.


Here, have a picture of some rocks. The one at the back is pretty but it doesn’t photograph well.