Monthly Archive for October, 2007


I’m writing this on the shittiest laptop, so excuse any random spelling failures.

Ohnoes, I moved it!

I unsafely removed a device!

All I did was sit in a better position. ;_;

Anyway, yay, woo, random other exclamations that signify something good has happened! I have a blog again.

You know, my spellchecker doesn’t recognise the word yay? It also doesn’t know “spellchecker” and it’s INSISTING recognise should have a Z in it.

No words have the letter Z in other than zoo and zylophone, the faster it learns that the better.

757 Google results for Zylophone. Now there shall be 758!

It recognises Google.

But yeah, it’s 4am, and despite the fact this thing thinks it’s only 1, it’s really rather late to be writing a blog post.

Doesn’t recognise blog either.

Things I have done lately!

Fairly close to 70 on WoW
I just beat the second boss in Harvest Moon : Rune Factory My God he ran fast. Don’t use the fire-sword on him. He only takes half-damage from it. I found this out after I’d taken off 3/4 of his HP.

*unsafely removes device 4 times in the process of hitting enter*

I fucked up college and managed to get myself a year off, we have been moving house since may, things have gone to hell in the household-depression department. It’s making me emo, and I seriously don’t want to be. And I feel bad because I end up biting or abandoning people I really don’t want to bite or abandon.

I’m sorry. /)____(\ ~(sorry)

Kay I spent way too much time on that. To sleep I go.

A blog!

What is this!

Where has it come from!

Why does the fanfiction section suddenly have a different layout to the rest of the site!

Whhy did she have to use frames!1!!

(All these, AND MORE)


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!