Monthly Archive for May, 2008

I found this

It is a picture of a squash.




Scribbled earlier, when I had a lack of anything better to do.

Bordem is a mindset.
(Click for bigger!)


I failed, I really did.

..But at least I tried!


My sims had twins. I had three babies and a servo all running around at once.

I’m going to be seeing bottles in my SLEEP!

Random things that pissed me off! Because this is a blog as well as a gallery!
Wheee Spore! ( Part 2 ) ( Part3 )

I really wanted Spore too ._. It all makes me very sad.

The one I missed

Floorplan for house in Sims-2. I love my handwriting.

I don’t know either.


There are issues here.


Not in the mood today :p

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Page.. Something! 5?


Page Four?

I think this is the longest I’ve ever managed to keep up posting in a blog :p

Day four!

I fail drawing people.