Monthly Archive for June, 2008

I have a headache

I have a headache and nobody is on for me to bother. So I shall ramble here for a bit.

I made some fun Spore creatures, this guy is my favorite. I was trying to make something without editing the spine away from the default size/shape.

He and his kind will infest your world!

I had some issues with WordPress, where every time I hit enter, it’d go up a line instead of down, but that appears to have fixed itself, which is nice.

Oh look, Chibi’s awake and my headache is fading. Yay~

Spore error

I managed to fix it.

If you’re getting the error “Command Portal is in use by PreInit” when opening the Spore Creature Creator, UNINSTALL the EA Download Manager. It pretends you need it, but you don’t, it’s just breaking things. Once you uninstall it, your game will work fine.

Yum yum!

(I was baited into writing this)


Basically. There are more important things in life than what other people do.

If somebody wants to go out and belive in God, fine. As long as he doesn’t do it near me I don’t care. If somebody wants to belive in science, same thing, as long as they don’t shove their belives (Belifes?) into my face I’ll shrug and go back to whatever I was doing. As long as you can respect other peoples choices and can consider both sides of the argument then I won’t think less of you for it. (Too much)

There’s no reason you can’t belive(I seriously need to look up the spelling on that) in God and still look at science. Ok, wanting to get creationism getting taught in science classes is annoying, but you need to see their side for a moment and also realise that the people shouting this are the smallest minority. Most Christians will be silent, doing whateverthefuck they do and not imposing it on anyone, same as most atheists. The people with the strongest and most stupid opinions will always be the loudest because the smarter ones know how to shut the fuck up and consider other peoples.

(I just noticed I default to generic “he”, isn’t that interesting – annnyway)

If you want to get God, then good. It can do great things for a person. It can give a needed focus and a reason to keep existing, a reason to do good things and show you paths you might not have considered before. It can give people a reason to do bad things too, but no doubt they would have found another excuse anyway.

So. Just learn to keep your face closed and don’t shove it on other people or your children. This goes for both the people who want to follow God and the people who want to follow Evolution. Educate in both and let other people make their own decisions.

If you do, for some reason, insist on trying to force your friends or children into your way of thinking, don’t whine or get upset after they reject it. In the end, it’s not your choice to make. I understand you think they’re going to burn in some pit after they die, (or whatever, I dunno) but isn’t that their choice? It’s not because you’re a bad parent and you haven’t failed by not converting them, it’s something they have to decide for themselves and you can’t do anything about that.

By trying to constantly convert and push other people to your way of thinking, you won’t get yourself any closer to God, but you will succeed in alienating yourself from normal people and driving away any who might have been gently turned to your cause.