Monthly Archive for September, 2009

#3 Paper Balloon

#2 Empty day

Spent most of today watching random American sitcoms, Flash Forward was interesting, the new series of HIMYM looks decent, The Good Wife was boring but mum wants it every week, so I guess I’ve got no choice. Dollhouse starts again tomorrow which will be nice. At this rate I’ll have something new to watch every couple of days.

Puppy has been squeaky and hyper all day, lots of running around and piddling where she shouldn’t. She’s asleep on my foot at the moment. I should put her in the crate but she sleeps so much better if she’s on my foot.

Feeling kinda lonely today but I don’t suppose that’ll ever go away.  I’m gonna miss him forever, I guess.

Gonna make sure I keep in touch with his family though, even if it’s just to scrounge free skiing lessons. :p (Hi~)

I need to do something to focus my time. Learn a language or something. Shame I have no drive, Teraa, you need to push me more. I suppose I have learnt some stuff over the last year, anyway. I can just about cook now, I can make pancakes or spagetti from scratch and it’s all generally eatable. I know how to properly feed and bandage a dog and I’m managing to sucessfully keep three hamsters and a puppy alive and in decent health. Here, have a picture of my two, male, hamsters.

Post #1 : The start of another life.

Saw a thing on the news this morning about them finding water on the moon, that’s quite interesting. Maybe we will have moon-bases one day after all. Anything is possible I guess.

Nothing much interesting happened today, the main dog seems to be getting on better with the puppy, but she gets into moods. One moment she’ll be washing her, the next, she’ll be trying to eat her and make her squeak by bashing her with her paw. The other dog is still terrified of her but hopefully that’ll change in time.

The pup has grown up so much in the short time we’ve had her, I think she’s practically doubled in size and her fur has gotten a lot lighter in colour. I really hated her at first, but I suppose I’m getting used to it now, she arrived at a really bad time on a really bad day, but you can’t blame her for that, blame the stupid woman who sold her to us, and wanted her money NOW instead of in three weeks time.

Meeting Tera was awesome, and Finland was so, so pretty, but I hate myself for everything that happened and for not taking a bigger role, for not getting over there sooner. I try and live by the motto “no regrets,”  but sometimes it’s hard. My emotions are all over the place at the moment. That’s why I’m updating this, maybe I can make some sense of everything if I type it all out here.

Onni, if you’re reading this, somehow, somewhere.

I miss you.