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No headaches today, took the dogs to the park, let Emmy off the lead for the first time. She didn’t try and run off or anything, and we walked all round, so that’s good. She gets tired very fast though, and it got hard to walk at times, because she was intent on attacking my trousers.

I beat Half Life 2 this morning, years behind everyone else. :p It was fun though, it’s not very often that I actually finish a game. Suppose I’ll try the next bit now.

miss you ._.


Another migraine. I wonder if I’m allergic to something or if I should try going to the doctors.

Edit : Ok. I went to the doctors, there was a different doctor from last time and she was pretty ok. She said that it’s probably either food-related or stress. I guess it could be stress, it’s not exactly been the easiest couple of months. My aunt’s cancer’s finally killing her, (Well, the radiotherapy is killing her) and my Grandma had a stroke a couple of days ago. On top of Onni dying and getting the two puppies which chew through everything, (two DS chargers this week alone) it’s not been the most relaxing couple of months.

Doctor-lady said to keep a food diary and go back in 6-8 weeks if I’m still getting them, and she also gave me a perscription for ibuprofen. Said to take one right away if I start to go blind. I took one at 9am this morning but it didn’t stop the headache, that’s only started to go away in the last couple of hours, really, but we’ll see. I am glad I didn’t get the doctor I got last time though, I didn’t like him. He seemed to take everything I said as fake, he acted like he was being paid per patient and like he just wanted me out of there as soon as possible, which seeing as he works 4 different practices, I wouldn’t be surprised by.

Not taking the dogs out again today, it’s gotten dark already, I’ll try tomorrow instead.



And star-struck he goes drowning

Didn’t take the dogs to the park yesterday, the vets appointment was at 4pm, and mum wanted to go shopping a bit, (leaving me to wait outside and take random questions from every child and middle aged woman within a mile) so it was dark by the time we got home. We did take them out today and I did manage to take pictures, so I’ll upload those in a bit. The vet says Sophie sounds much better, her heart is fine and there’s only a tiny bit of noise left in her lungs. She’ll get her first set of jabs next monday, she could have had them this week but the vet thought it’d be safer to wait until she was fully recovered.

So, Geocities is gone. I guess I feel that deserves a mention, I remember spending a few hours sitting in the UNoT chat setting up my first site and talking to everyone as I did it. It was good fun. When I heard they were going down, I made sure to back all my little sites up, although I’d forgotten how annoying the geocities bandwidth limit was. On a vaguely related note, I think I’ll see about getting myself a 1tb~ harddrive for Christmas, this 100gb thing really isn’t cutting it anymore. It forces me to not horde stuff, which is nice, but it’s starting to get full with just games.

I feel bad when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas as all I can think of is computer hardware, which is something nobody would want to buy me. New HD (or two :p) new graphics card. Maybe something so I can use my monitor as a telly, even if just for consoles. It’s bigger than most tellys, so seems a waste of space to buy a proper TV. Getting this monitor for my birthday was a good buy, even if the sheer size of it freaked me out at first.

I Suppose while I’m at it, I should work out how to connect mums PC to the telly, we’ve got this massive TV and we end up watching stuff on her tiny monitor, right next to it. (Teraaa :p)

– Koco then wanders off for half an hour, and gives the puppy a shower –

She’s going absolutely nuts now, running in circles and grabbing things and throwing them in the air and doing backflips and shit, barking at random objects. Guess I’ll go entertain her before she destroys the whole room.

(This is quite fun)

(“And all the jolly horses love and burn”, and the title line are the best two I’ve gotten)

Fail title

Woke up blind again yesterday, it went away pretty fast with painkillers though it’s still annoying. Gonna go for an eye test some time this week, get new glasses and actually start wearing them. I think my eye is getting worse and it’s starting to give me trouble focusing, which is probably causing the migraines.

Took the two dogs and Emmy to the park again, again managed to forget to take my camera. Maybe I’ll have time later, but the days are starting to get shorter now and not sure how long the vet is gonna take.

On another note, I love winter.

I like the cold weather and short days, walking somewhere and it’s half dark, and seeing all the lights on in windows. You can always warm up in winter, but it’s so difficult to cool down in summer. I’m sure I’d be of a different opinion if I lived on the street or I had no money to pay heating, or I lived somewhere it actually snowed, but for now, it’s awesome. I’ve realised that I prefer to walk the dogs in the winter too, the moment the weather turned, I started thinking about taking them out again, something I really couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer.

I bought a pumpkin to carve for halloween, chibi suggested this but I think the pumpkin might be a bit small. We’ll see!



Pictures of Sophie, as she is now named.

My migraine is mostly gone. Had about three days of mild but constant headaches. Hopefully I won’t see another for another year, now!

Mum decided to name the new puppy Sophie. I managed to get a few pictures of her last night, but I’ll have to try again some time for some better ones. Getting pictures of Emmy is next to impossible, Sophie is still rather calm and sedate, but Emmy is mad as a hatter, she never stops moving.

*stops to take some tissue out of Emmys mouth*

We took Emmy for her for her first walk yesterday, she enjoyed that. The other two dogs wandered on ahead and did the sedate middle-age lady waddle they do, while Emmy stayed on the lead, but she didn’t try and pull at it too much, and the few times we did drop the lead to see what she did, she never went further than the other dogs, and always came back when called. She’s completely nuts and totally ready to take on the world, one dog at a time, but I also think she’ll be ok.

*stops to take a bit of plastic out of Emmys mouth, sits back down, then has to get back up again because she’s somehow retrieved it already*

Probably gonna try and take her to the park again tomorrow, and I’ll take my camera this time. Now her fur’s groing, she’s starting to look like a wookie. I’ll try and find an image that illustrates that. Sophie is going back to the vets on Monday for a heart check and her first set of jabs.

*watches Emmy attempt to eat a bit of tinfoil, flinching every time it connects the nerves in her teeth, either that or it’s just sharp*

Now I know what it feels like to be a parent…

Tiny dog is tiny.

Of headaches and blindspots.

I had an awful migraine last night. I guess it was about midnight, I was about to go downstairs and do something, when all of a sudden, blindness! Huge great blindspot in the middle of my vision where before there had once been images! It was my own fault for staring at the screen for too long though, I could feel it coming on and still kept ignoring the symptoms, I keep meaning to get new glasses but I never get round to it when there’s time.

The migraine started out as just blindness, then I saw stars for a while (proper stars, all in black and white! made of lines!) then my left arm went numb and I couldn’t open doors or lift my arm high or really do anything with that hand for a while. After my lips and all the other interesting aspects on the left side of my body started to go numb, I took painkillers and knocked myself out for the night. I’ve had a very slight headache and I’ve been sort of zoned-out all day, but no more than that, so that’s lucky.

It was interesting the way it kept changing though. I haven’t had a migraine like that in… Over a year, as far as I can remember. I think the last one was bought on by playing too much GTA:SA with Onni, we were playing it with some mod to make it a racing game, and I guess I focused too much on the screen for too long, one moment I’m driving along happily, the next, I’m blind! We must have clocked at least 100 hours on that game, and I’ve never actually gotten past the first mission. I might not have even got that far! Dunno how to play the proper game, but damn I can drive well. (Not as well as he could though, the only races I ever won were motorbike ones, and then only when he let me ;p)

Other than that, there were people here all day and not wanting to risk another headache, I spent the whole day away from the computer. Puppy is doing fine, lion-dog is actually asleep for once and I’m off to bed. I’ll set them up somewhere nice and take proper pictures of tomorrow, for now, I don’t wanna disturb them. It took hours for them to finally settle last night.


The oil burner I bought.


This was sticky. I got absolutely covered in it and had to go take a shower afterwards.

But they turned out like this in the end, and they taste good, so everything is shiny! I like how the one in the top right looks like an overweight penguin. The recipe for themĀ is from here. I didn’t make the hot chocolate though, since I had no chocolate and no food colouring. :p I put the heat on too high at first and that’s why they went brown, so I’ve gotta remember that for next time. Might halve the recipie if I make them again aswell, I did three trays and still had half the mixture left over. (It’s sitting in an icecream tub in the freezer, waiting to entangle and ensnare any unwary adventurer seeking icecream)

The Finnish biscuits I totally and utterly failed at. Again, they taste good though. (You can see I already started eating them, even in that picture) I’ll try making them again some time this week, and doing it properly, once we have more flour and butter. I found a recipie for gingerbread that looks decent too, and we have guests coming on thursday. So I shall have some fun.

That is how much I failed. Those were supposed to be biscuits. I decided after a while that the mix looked more like cake mix and poured it into a cupcake tray, with this result.

Oh and I found a picture of my cat, figured I’d throw it in. :D

Tomorrow, pictures of the new puppy… Yes, that’s two puppies now. Four dogs in total. Four dogs, two hamsters and one cat. My bedroom floor shall never recover! We bought a carpet washer yesterday and it arrived today, gonna have some fun playing with that.

Poor new puppy’s not well though, it came from a house where everyone smoked, and the vet said it’s lungs have got so much crap in them she couldn’t actually hear it’s heartbeat over the noise. She gave her a shot to open up her airways and clear out any infection, and the pup perked up a lot, I guess being able to breathe really does make a difference. :p She actually started sitting up and wandering around, instead of just lying in the corner and wheezing. We’re gonna take her back next week to see if her lungs have improved, have tests to see if she’s got a heart defect and possibly get her the first set of shots (Woman who owned her said she was 7 weeks old but the vet thinks that’s not likely since puppy has no teeth, probably more like 5)

We haven’t really confirmed on a name for her yet either. Asti, (After the booze) Sophie and “The retarded one” are all in the running. I’ll try and get some photos of her for tomorrow. While Emmy never stops moving, the retard-puppy still mostly sleeps. Wonder what she’ll be like when she’s grown a couple of weeks and her lungs have cleared themselves out.

(Also, WordPress is being a real pain about inserting images, I wonder what all that’s about. I had to go into the html-view and do it manually eventually)

Interesting game~

Interesting game – and if I can beat it, so can anyone!

Like me who have no love which this wild rain

Ended up mostly playing HL2 today, tending to the puppy, that sort of thing. She managed to chew her way through the phone wire from the router, so I’m gonna have to fix that properly tomorrow (It’s all just twisted together at the moment, doesn’t look too good :p) but for now, I’m gonna go to bed. I set the main to be a redirect and cleared up some stuff. (read – I deleted EVERYTHING :D) I think today went well, even if I can’t actually remember doing anything productive. I think I’ll bake a proper cake tomorrow. I’m in a baking mood.

Cake or biscuits! What shall it be!

Long day

Went out shopping with mum today and I bought an oil burner, it’s pretty in an ugly sort of way, I’ll try and take a picture of it for tomorrow. I’ve been messing with the camera and it can do some shiny things when I press the right buttons. While we were out I also went to the post office and sent off my DS to the repair place. I hope it doesn’t get lost on the way, though. It feels like sending away a child or a loved pet, I worry for it’s safety and hope it writes lots of letters home, telling me what a lovely time it’s having and how it’s not binge drinking or having sex with strangers.

I cleaned out the hamsters yesterday, put all the bits of the cage in the dishwasher. It’s sad that Fluffy died, but at least I can use her cage to put the boys in while theirs in being cleaned. I also moved their cage out from where it was hidden in the corner behind the door, to next to my bed where Fluffys was. I can actually see them now, and they can see me! I looked around earlier for some reason, and there was just a little head poking out the sleeping-house, staring at me, watching my every move, but once he realised I’d seen him he hid again. I don’t think they’re gonna be properly handleable for a while yet, if ever, but at least they’re fun to watch.

I know I should work harder on taming them, even if just so I can health-check them every now and again, but why should I subject them to being prodded around when they’re perfectly happy as they are. Having them slightly feral also gives me an excuse not to get them out for my brother when he’s home, too. :p

Sigh. I’m still feeling very lost. I went through my playlist today and found this, it was the first song Onni ever sent me that really made an impact. That version there is strangely quiet, but it’s the only one with the video. I heard that and, I dunno, something clicked. Something changed in my head and suddenly there was all this different music I could actually listen to without getting bored and switching off. It still just feels so surreal that he’s gone. I keep seeing things he’d like to know, games I’d like to play with him. The news today has been full of the guy who says the Large Hadron Collider (Do I have to capitalise that?) is sabotaging itself from the future, that would have amused him.