Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Gave in…

…And bought Gratuitous Space Battles + the two expansions.

Don’t expect much from me for the next week.


Friggin migraines. At least I don’t have to be able to see to type.

Apart from the fact I’ve GONE BLIND again. (And had the whole “OMG MY BODY IS NUMB” thing while on holiday) everything is going ok. Still playing the roguelike, despite being absolutely terrible at it, I’ve made it to the temple once, at which point I was killed by AN ANT. Also been messing on WoW due to Blizz giving me a free 7 days when I logged into to register Starcraft. Damn my gear is outdated . A lot has changed interface-wise too. They didn’t have cross-server instancing when I left, which I guess was just before 3.3. My tankadin rotations still work though so that’s good, even if I can’t hold agro against rogues doing 5k dps yet. (Friggin rogues.)

Vision is coming back a little. Maybe it’s related to not eating? All I’d had was a packet of pom-bears. Or maybe it’s that. I don’t remember eating anything weird last time it happened though.

You know how in a movie, when they do dream sequences it goes all fuzzy around the edges? That’s a bit what it’s like now. Maybe I’m dreaming? *checks*

Nope, fingers are all there, but I have no peripheral vision on my left side what-so-ever. Quite iritating.

Bella is on heat, again. I swear she does it more often than a normal dog, just to make up for the fact Lucy never does. (Lucy is a weird dog, she’s had one season in her entire life and she lifts her leg to pee)

Hmm. Peripheralvision is coming back. I guess the whole thing lasted around half an hour? No headaches or anything, just varying degrees of blindness.

Stapled some chicken wire over the front gate and the gaps in the fence where Emmy could squeeze through. Now all I need to do is nail a plate to the gate that says “PLEASE SHUT THIS PLEASE.” Bought a new gate though as the old one is so rotten it’s falling apart. Emmy has a thing for escaping at the moment, and then just running up and down the pavement at high speed. She’s impossible to catch and since she hit the teenage stage all recall has gone out the window.

But nobody ever shuts it. -_-;

I want summer already. And thunderstorms, and proper heavy rain.

Things for today!

WoW offered me a free 7day trial. Been messing with it, but nothing’s grabbing me. Apparently my guild broke up, as did the guild I was going to join. Just, I dunno. But 7 days for free so oh well! Tera, and Chibi, that means you get 7 days free too? Log in and check!

They’ve started selling eastereggs already, that means by birthday must be soon, doesn’t it? (Edit : Google says April4th, and that easter will fall on my birthday in 2014! Awesome~)

Things I want and will probably have to save up for myself!

A decent harddrive since Christmas never worked out.
A nice, quiet, maybe even fanless graphics card and possibly a whole new computer to go with it.  Then I can copy Tera and attach this one to the telly and use it to just play emulators all day. That would be good. Would give me a reason to go downstairs sometimes too.
Books and, if possible, immortality. (Which I would totally go for)

Other than that, I’ve spent most of the past couple of days playing StoneSoup, basically a NetHack type thing. It’s fun, even if I never get very far. I don’t think I would have got the controls half as fast if I’d never played DF though.

Also, I got Mount&Blade in the Steam sale (<3) but haven’t really had a chance to mess with it yet, it looks similar to Oblivion. Was interesting that both Steam and Paypal objected me to being abroad. It’s understandable when you think about, but still a little annoying if you’re not expecting it and the sale ends in a couple of hours. :p

Hmm. I kinda wanna play Spelunky again too…


Holiday stuff

So yeah, spent the week in Amsterdam with Tera. (8th – 15th)

Monday : Arrive
Tuesday : Stuff?
Wesnesday : Sleep
Thursday : Go out possibly
Friday : Sleep
Saturday : Go out
Sunday : Sleep mostly
Monday : Sleep and then go home.

There you go. Now I’m home. It wasn’t the most eventful holiday ever, but it was fun. I acquired a frying pan and some sweets for mum.

Over the week we watched…

All 3 of the Austin Powers movies,
Time Bandits (That was actually seriously awesome, if a little dated looking)
Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal (Also surprisingly awesome)
All 3 of the LotR films,
Enter The Dragon (Yeah. It was a bad-movie night and apparently I do a pretty decent running commentary)

There might’ve been more but if there were, I don’t remember them, and I don’t think videos about trains count. LotR took up a lot of time but it was a lot shinier than I remembered, I guess the last time I saw it was in the cinema. DEATH BED was so bad it was amazing

But yeah, we didn’t go out much. It was all fun though and the inflatable bed was much more comfortable than the camping mattress thing I slept on last time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets and go again some time, it was fun.


If the world was ending and you could only take 3 games with you, what would they be and why?

For me it’d probably be :


Dwarf Fortress

Probably a good racing game, if I’m gonna be stuck with these games forever, I don’t want it to be something that’s the same every time but I do crave a racer every now and again.


I am so disorganized

And so easily distracted.





Pavili sent me lots and lots of awesome chocolate with salmiak in and christmas chocolate and awesomeness, I didn’t know she was sending me anything…

Gonna take some of it with me, and find something to send her back.

Things are ok.

I only have three pairs of shoes.

I don’t understand why people need more.

This is pretty cool. This too. This is a pretty webcomic, on the same awesomeness level as BoxerHockey, and finally, this is a pretty interesting webcomic. (It’s written by a 5yr old and drawn by a pretty decent artist)

Bought a SomethingAwful account, for the hell of it. Haven’t gotten myself banned yet, which is a good sign.

Hmm. Played some Left4Dead1 earlier, was pretty fun. I prefer L4D2 though, it seems, I dunno, smoother? Maybe the server really didn’t like me, but it felt I was running around on ice.

On that note, it snowed again a little bit last night! It’d all melted by lunchtime, but stillyay. I <3 snow. Pavili says there’s lots of snow in Finland now but not so much coldness, I never knew it worked like that, I guess I always thought the snow controlled the weather, more snow on ground = MORE COLD EMANATING IN AN UPWARDLY DIRECTION = COLDER TEMPERATURES.

Hmm. Those elephants I made out of clay? Emmy ate them.

She now has a white Hitler mustache, to go with Sophies black one. I need to take photos of them but I always forget to upload them. They’ve both gotten pretty big now.

Done for now, can’t think of anything else. Bed time!