Monthly Archive for May, 2010


Bought 3 Buddlea off eBay, 6 arrived. Planted two in the garden and shoved the other 4 in a pot until I can think of somewhere to put them, I think I’ll put one in the front with a fushia. My new tomatos are coming up, as are the free pack of Sweet Alyson he sent with them. Must be something about plant growers, they send you free shit…

The spinach is starting to flower (The other day we had spinach pie, spinach salad and pasta with spinach, and that barely dented it) and the cabbages I planted in the bed are huge and perfect, even if there’s no actual cabbage yet. The cabbages I planted in the growbag are still the same size they were when I put them in, and very slug-eaten. I’ve given them up for dead now and I just rolled a wheeliebin over the top of them. I found another two lavender plants clinging to life in random pots, I don’t think they’d even had water since last year, everything else in there was dead except for these two tiny but healthy little lavender plants, I put one in the greenhouse and one in with some hollyhock seeds I found in a drawer and they both seem thankful for it.

The round melon cucumbers are coming up, as are some marigolds and sunflowers. The apple tree flowered and is now thinking about producing apples and the strawberry plants have little green strawberries on. The pear tree hasn’t really done much yet but so long as it’s alive that’s all that matters for now.

Also, if you’re gonna buy a plastic greenhouse, be wary of the zips. They break. I wish we had the money for a real greenhouse but the lad next door would probably throw rocks at it, like he threw rocks at and managed to smash up the one 5 gardens away. (The woman who owned it came and knocked on the door, he opening line was “I hear you have a garden full of wild children, and they’ve smashed up my greenhouse” she wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t us and eventually stormed off looking annoyed.)


The second ASOIAF book is awesome. I have the second Dragonbone chair one sitting around somewhere but I can’t be bothered to start it. Unseen Academicals has been sitting on my shelf untouched since Christmas. I might order the third ASOIAF book now so it’s there when I finish this one, it’s split into two parts for the UK market so I’m not sure how that works but oh well.

The chickens are happy and healthy. Emmy jumped into the run yesterday with them but all she did was hump them until I removed her. It wound Lucy up a bit though. Really should get a couple more and they’re still not laying eggs. Eventually I suppose, it must be a surprise for them the first time they do it.

I think I’ll play Altitude for a bit now, I’ve alloted up around 12 hours since the free weekend and I’m really getting way too good at it.

Amazon Wishlist

My Amazon wishlist. Things I’m watching out for and all that. Just here because Tera said.

*stumbles in*

It is way too hot. I feel like I’m breathing the heat, it’s kinda annoying. I sweat through my shirt just sitting outside, not tried riding my bike in it. I know it’s cool compared to some places but we were rolling in snow not that long ago!

Bees look kinda fun. Also, circular saws.

I have toooo many games to play!

Tropico 3 (Seems kinda like SimCity)
Altitude (Heavy Weapons Delux. WITH PLANES)
Gonna buy Napoleon Total War when I get round to it, to see what all the fuss is about. I think I have Rome sitting around somewhere too, maybe I should try that first.
Forum I go on recommended Afterlife, and I managed to find the discs after only 10 minutes of searching. It works in DosBox but the sound is a little dodgy.
Creatures whee~
I bought the Humble Indie pack while it was cheap.

I really need to stop buying games.

Ordered the second “A Song of Ice and Fire” book. I love Amazon. Uhh.

Damn it’s hot.

Got a speedometer thing for my bike, working out how to set it up because the instructions are terrible.

Guess I’ll play Altitude for a bit and then go outside and annoy the chickens.


Not done much today, but the day before yesterday I planted 25 tomato seeds, a raspberry plant, a fushia and a lavender I found surviving in a corner left over from last year.

Rode my bike 4-5 miles twice, but I think I need to work out how to sit properly, because I’m putting way too much weight on my hands. Rode down to the Sankey Viaduct and back.  (Well, a bit further because I got kind of lost) I knew it would be huge but I didn’t expect it to be quite so massive.

The tomatoes should be fun when they come up, 25 random heirloom varities, it’s not promised they’ll all be different, but should still be fun. I planted some round cucumbers too. There’s another 25 random tomato seeds still in the packet in the kitchen but I didn’t want to totally overwhelm myself. I think it’s time to invest in some growbags.

Welp, time to go put the chickens to bed.


Here, this, go. GoG is an awesome site and they should work on whatever OS you’re running right now. They even come with manuals.

I shall not sleep tonight.

I forgot to update this at all.

The chickens are happy and fine, they’ve not been eaten by the dogs yet, although Lucy would still like to try. I am going to build them a bigger run when I get the chance though. Out old garden gate rotted and fell apart and Granddad built us a new one, so I guess I can take the old one apart for stakes. They don’t need to be brilliant.

Been trying to get into riding my bike. It’s at the point where it’s more-or-less safe now, even if the front brakes don’t work too well. Going to take it down to the bike shop tomorrow or so and get them to service it and fix it up properly. Every time I ride it I wobble slightly less, which is good, but I think the gears are messed up because at the moment, no matter what I do, it feels like I’m riding up a mountain. I know it’s a mountain bike, but still. Surely I should be able to get a little further than the .3 of a mile I managed this morning before getting off and walking. I can walk a couple of miles no effort at all.

On top of that, I don’t know the area around here at all, Google Maps shows lots of green open space, but isn’t that all owned by farmers? I know there’s a 10-mile heritage trail around the area I could have a go at when I get a little better but for now I’m just trying to ride at 5:30am when it’s quiet and I’m not likely to get run over or laughed at for my silly helmet.


I guess that’s all my birthday stuff, still no new harddrive but I’m ok with that. Didn’t do anything else to celebrate it, didn’t even get a meal out. :(

But I got chickens and that’s still awesome!

Granddad drove me down to the place this morning and I got got two BlackRocks (Black but one has some blue feathers and one has gold so we can tell them apart) they were really quiet in the car, we didn’t hear a single noise from them! They also refused to leave the house once we got them home, so after leaving them a few hours I dug up a worm for them. They were out and scratching around looking for more within minutes.



Heh, I went out and took pictures of them. Look!

Pictures from when I was building the coop, and pictures from now! (ish) Mum has named the blue one Henrietta and the goldy one Hermia. Next one is going to be Abigale and then Mildred if it suits. Gonna also get some wood and build a bigger run onto the house once the dogs have settled down a bit (Really, it’s only Lucy that’s the problem. The moment they make a noise, terrier kicks in. But once she’s settled she should be totally bombproof with them.)

Need to go buy hay tomorrow. Didn’t manage to get an Araucana but maybe I can buy hatching eggs or there’ll be somebody close by selling them, I can’t make Granddad drive all the way out there again. Leghorns also lay green eggs apparently so that’s a possibility. I also like the hens with the emo haircuts.