Monthly Archive for September, 2010

My head is broke

When I ordered my computer they sent a free 2gb pen drive with it, “WORLD’S SMALLEST” as proclaimed by the packaging. I’ve lost it 4 times so far, but it’s always managed to turn up again, I’ve got it tied to my purse now, which kinda defeats the fact it’s supposed to be so tiny, but oh well. Emmy ate my 8gb Corsair one, it still works but it’s not got a case, so it’s useless for now.

Shit like this totally breaks my head, though.

I am in love with dropbox. <3

Course is fun, got to play with a lathe, and file a bit of metal, it’s not as full-time as I was expecting but it’s all good!

Uhh, the chicks are getting big, they should start laying eggs soon I hope, I bought “Digest on the diseases of birds” and I just paid out £100 for a bus pass because £4/day, 4 days a week was  getting way too expensive.

Went to a carboot with granddad, didn’t buy much. He finally got round to taking me flying a few weeks ago, it wasn’t what I was expecting. (I was kinda more thinking like this)

That’s all I guess.


Website is paid up for another year, Henrietta missed an egg the other day, the college course is lots of fun and when I came home on Thursday I was greeted by a labrador. It charged out of the front room and barrelled into me, trying to wash my face like it’d known me all it’s life.

Apparently some guy had turned up on the doorstep with an “I found this tied up down the street, you want?” excuse, so mum took it. It was a lovely dog around people, friendly and cuddly and kept trying to climb onto my lap and roll over. She was just waiting for the dog warden to arrive when I got home.

Dog was seriously hungry and skinny though, and, so we found out, she didn’t get on well with the other dogs. They were all locked in the kitchen but started fighting between themselves, I went in to break it up and Labrador managed to follow me. She picked Emmy up in her mouth and shook her like a rabbit, I thought she was dead.

It was scary. Labrador stopped shaking her when I shouted at her and dragged her off, but I honestly thought Emmy was going to be killed.

It’s funny, when we got Emmy I really, really hated her. I hated her so much, she’d come on such a stupid day and she was such a hassle, like having a baby around. Had to wash her face after she’d eaten and lift her back into the sleeping-box and everything. But now, she’s my dog, all fluffy fur and cowboy boots, she sleeps under my arm at night if it’s cold. I was never mean to her or anything even though I hated her, she was just a puppy, it wasn’t her fault, but I guess I resented it a lot at the time.

She was just a bit bruised, though, no blood and nothing broken, and two days later she’s still a bit quiet but fine apart from that. I’m glad she’s ok. It does appear to have sent her into heat though. Time to put the dark sheets on the bed.

This post didn’t have a title. I have fixed that.

Things to do, in no real order.

1. Pay up website

2. Look into getting a bus pass

3. Find pen. Don’t loose ink cartridges while looking for pen or you’ll be back to stage one.

4. Buy chicken corn.

5. Write a book. Oh wait maybe that’s more of a long-term goal.

6. Consider writing a book. That’s more like it!

7. Buy an xbox 360 controller

Picked Bella up from the groomers, she was getting to the point her face was all matted. She smells like talcum powder now.

Ate a thing of mini hotdogs a couple of days ago and it gave me a headache, maybe it’s cheap pork that messes me up. One thing I will say, Migralive give me lucid dreams. Two days in a row! First I was just annoyed I couldn’t wake up and ended up forcing myself back to sleep, the second I was walking around the grounds of my primary school, all as I remembered it. Thinking “Damn this is well made, my mind did this? I can properly see it and everything, and it’s all as I remember it!” looking at all the other kids and stuff. (Although they were just kinda posed like statues, I could manipulate them and everything by concentrating on it) Then I started hearing “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” echoing from nowhere and I couldn’t make it shut up, eventually I woke up to see what it was.

Turned out Sophie was lying on my head and snoring.

Migraines seriously knock me out

Been playing Recettear, had the demo going on the laptop but it was playing at 15fps, I love this computer.

Finally managed to get a case fan in it, thought the old mounts would do but they’d all perished, and I ended up sitting with the case open for a week because it was getting incredibly hot. Tempted to buy a second fan for it, even though it runs 20 degrees cooler than my old computer.

Having a computer that can handle sleep mode is fun! The old one just stuttered and refused to come out until you did a hard shut down. Windows 7 is pretty unobtrusive too.

Not sure when college starts, went to the induction day and it all seems fun, hope I can get a bus pass because £4/day bus fare is painful. It’s probably gonna be a full time course, a level 3 diploma over two years, and an NVQ as well to fill the rest of the week. (Apparently the NVQ is mostly practical and the diploma is mostly academic)

Looks fun anyway!


I’ve been half  blind for a good four hours now and it’s fucking annoying. I’ve got a damn headache and migralive done absolutely nothing.

Sigh. Went out and for some reason it started the moment we walked into Boots, worked through all the symptoms and then got home. The moment I came inside they all came back, I think it was the light change set it off. That and the sausage sandwich I had for lunch.


I can’t seem to make a Chrome extension work, and I can’t find a decent virus scanner, but everything is awesome apart from that.

It wouldn’t accept my Windows7 key, so I had to do a regedit thing to make it listen, but that’s been the only problem so far. Everything is so shiny! And huge! And FAST!

Terence was here over the weekend, and threw a mood going home, ending up with one of the dogs covered in wax, (not on purpose) It’s gonna take all night to groom that out, and she’s gonna smell like lemons for weeks.

Windows7 has been ok so far, the OMG YOU SURE? announcements haven’t been too bad so far because THIS COMPUTER IS SO FAST and I managed to make the taskbar look mostly like XP, I don’t like combined stuff

They decided they were never gonna get that graphics card in stock, so I upgraded to the 5770 for £30 more, but they did throw in a free 2gb pen drive and upgraded it to a saturday 7am delivery for free.

It wasn’t as hard to build/didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to. So that’s ok.

Now I get to play with it until some time next month, at which point college starts!

I signed up for a mechanical engineering course, I’m gonna get to do welding!

This is like typing on a racecar

Damn this is fast, especially after the <800mb of ram laptops I’ve been stuck on for the past two weeks.

I can play games again o_o!