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Knitting isn’t as hard as it looks!

Gonna order some wool off ebay and attempt to make this :

Go go Slytherin!

Cocka doodle.. doo?

Thorax sounded the dawn alarm this morning. It wasn’t that loud but mum woke me up to listen since he’d not shown any signs of crowing before.

There was another egg with no spots in the other nestbox, I dunno if it’s Abigail or not, chickens are supposed to make great efforts to all lay in the same nestbox, and then always go back to the same place. Efforts to the point if there’s an egg in the other nestbox they don’t like, they’ll roll it over into theirs just to make themselves feel better, and if there’s another chicken in their spot they’ll pile up on top of each other or queue up.

Everything happens at once!


I couldn’t make it till Spring, it was just too slow. Points of interest are at the side, all of them except one have an accompanying note.

Two eggs today, except one was in the wrong nestbox, and while it was the same colour as Henriettas, it didn’t have the spots hers normally do.

Who knows.

First spam comment!

Just got my first spam comment since I installed the captcha.

Found three eggs in the nestbox the other day. Not sure but I think Henrietta may have laid two, also found a shellless egg in the house, so maybe Abigail is working herself up to it.

Moved the chicken house yesterday so it’s facing the path, and I don’t have to go onto the mud three times a day to open/close/check it. Gotta finish tidying up the garden for winter at some point, although I did a bit yesterday. I took the garden bench apart a while ago and put it in the shed, gonna sand it and paint it come spring, as the chickens took to using it as a roost.

I like how the little bedroom looks when all the sawdust is new and clean, like a rabbit hutch! Apparently you can’t really keep chickens in with rabbits, and I think the dogs would have a bit much fun with it.

I looked out the window yesterday and Emmy was having it off with one of the chickens, who, strangely enough, didn’t seem to mind. The other chickens were just watching. They get nervous around the other dogs, but I think they’ve realised Emmy is pretty harmless. She went into heat a few weeks ago and I think it’s still wearing off. Took her to the vet and got her boosters done, dunno if I mentioned that. I probably did. Sophie should be due soon enough.


Gilddeserts finally fell, not to goblins (Although a swarm of humans had recently wiped out my entire milita when I underestimated them) but to lag. I accidentally breeched hell and 15-20 fps was just too low. Not even race-car PC can cope with DF. :(

Will post an updated map once spring hits, then it’s done and I start anew.


Grandma and Granddad gave me some money for going to college (I’m not complaining) so I bought myself a new fountain pen! Whee, hopefully it’ll arrive, and soon! JetPens is just too pretty, and they keep sending me newsletters. Bought a rubber and some cartridges too while I was there but I was restrained!

I can’t write with normal pens, my writing goes horrible after a bit and my arm cramps up.

Took Sophie to the groomers today and got all her fur lopped off. Henrietta may have missed an egg too. Put up a curtain rail but can’t attach the curtain to it yet as we’ve got no hooks or something (Curtains are complicated)

Goin bed anyway, it’s hard to type when the dog is sitting on your lap and licking your hand.

Hi winter

Chickens water froze last night, I should start padding the nestbox with extra hay and stuff I suppose. Need to finish tidying the garden but it’s so damn cold!

Latest DF fort

Stupid thing keeps crashing though. Points of interest are at the side.

*goes blind from glare*

Bought some proper wax and brushes and polished up my boots. I’m breaking them in again for winter and building up my leg muscles again so I can actually lift them off the floor. But they look like new again now and I’m happy. They’re over 3 years old now and the only thing that doesn’t look like new is they’re starting to wear at the back at the top. They were a lifesaver last year in the snow.

Helena, one of the chicks, has been renamed to Thorax, as she is apparently a man. So we now have Henrietta, Hermia, Abigail and Thorax. Still getting two eggs a day, wonder if I should have been feeding the chicks growers pellets instead of layers, but it’s too late now and they seem healthy and happy enough. And before you ask, no,  he’s not going for soup or Sunday dinner.

Every time Granddad comes round he has to go outside and look at them and nod sagely, every time he phones he asks how they are. I think they’re pets he secretly wouldn’t mind, a useful production animal! Might be a good idea to get another bag of pellets soon though.

College is good!


New series of Dexter! I totally missed it.