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4 days till Christmas-

– And I am totally out of it. If I attempted to show you this whole thing with all the mistakes I’m making here it would be totally unreadable. I tried to type the title of this post as my login name.

I hate colds. T=T Don’t think it’s swine-flu as I’ve already had that and it wasn’t half this bad, but it’s still giving me a good kicking.

Joined this “bookmooch” thing, gotta go to the post office tomorrow and send out a book (Why I’m not just selling it and using the proceeds to buy books I want, I have no idea :p) so maybe getting out the house will do me some good.

Apparently it was -17 here last night, but it’s still not snowed again. Shame, but maybe it will before Christmas. The chickens don’t know what to make of it at all, they spent the first day crouched in their house looking out at it, today they decided to walk up and down the path, so that’s an improvement.

God I type fast, wheee (According to this and a short attention span, I can get 85 wpm although 60 is probably about more right because of mistakes and you’re reading off a card there)

Tempted to go find some really good hot chocolate, that might make me feel better.

You type 489 characters per minute
You have 85 correct words and
you have 7 wrong words


College is over until after Christmas! I added £10 to my Steam wallet and have been spending it on games over the past couple of weeks. (Roughly £1.50 to £2.00 a game) Things could be worse!

Super Meat Boy is awesome, I can only stand playing it in small bursts, but it’s still good! I just wish it wouldn’t crash quite so randomly.  Normally right after I’ve got a bandage and I’m on the winning lap too.

Bob Came In Pieces is a very cute little puzzle game, it’s on sale today and tomorrow for something like £1.75, you should check out the trailer on Steam. Zombie Driver is on sale too but I don’t think I’ll bother getting it. I have too many games already.

I bought the second Humble Indie Pack, it’s a “pay what you want” sale but if you pay under something like 5p, Paypal eats it all and then charges them extra. I’ve not had a chance to play with it yet but I’m building up a nice little pile of installers, I’d been meaning to buy Braid so that’s good. The first one suddenly appeared on Steam a week or so ago, about a year after the first “pay what you want” sale, and everyone who’d bought it got a code, which is pretty awesome.

I got shatter, which is is Breakout but it’s not bad. The Steam achievement for it is impossible but oh well.  I’ve had some fun playing with the story mode and the music is decent.

There’s a few games I’m watching out for next year. Rock of Ages looks pretty cool, Diablo 3 I haven’t been paying much attention to but I will grab when it’s released. Onni forced me to play through D2 and it was fun. Portal 2 is a given.

Found this Dungeon Keeper remake thing earlier that looks worth keeping an eye on

Some of the stuff I ordered for Christmas still hasn’t arrived, but I think it may be at the post office, I have to go out anyway. Wish whoever is delivering some stuff (A dedicated courier, not Royal Mail) would stop throwing stuff over the back gate into the garden, I don’t see it before I and all the dogs and the chickens tread on it and that’s no fun.

Thorax is developing a magnificent tail, him and Abigail look like this now, they’re much bigger than the Black Rocks, but I guess that’s because they’re designed as a dual purpose breed as opposed to just egg layers. He’s starting to develop some good behaviour, he protects the girls from the dogs now (Sophie charges them sometimes out of sheer excitement and he stands in front of them and pecks at her now, which serves her right) and he won’t eat before they do now, he just stands and looks manly.

It’s all fun.

Tidied my desk and have managed to keep it that way for almost a whole week.


Put the Christmas tree up, it’s held down with lots and lots of duct tape so Emmy doesn’t knock it over. I made bacon and sausage and eggs and beans. If you ever find asda online selling “Manchester Sausages” buy them, they’re not full of custard and bananas like I was expecting, or drugs like mum was, but they’re pretty nice.

I’m sitting here with my two screens and Terence’s laptop open, I feel like I should be controlling an aircraft or something.

I might tidy and rearrange my bedroom, it’s still full of boxes from when I moved.

Gah I dun wanna do this next assignment, it’s so boring. T_T

Christmas is coming!

Lots of things have been arriving. Today arrived something mum refuses to disclose, some tea I bought for myself (Happy early Christmas, me!) and a bright pink, glitter covered two headed resin dragon I got for Jenny. Oh and some bath goo for Johnty! I’d love this stuff if we still had a bath. Hopefully he reacts better to it than he did the lego helicopter we got him last year. Which was greeted with “That’s boring, I don’t want that *tosses it down*”

I kept it and built it myself. :( How can anyone be bored with lego!

Bought mum a teapot but it hasn’t arrived yet… Got grandma a mug with “THE BEST GRANDMA” and some words on it, she’ll like that. No idea what to buy granddad so I’ve given up.

All the ice has melted, which I’m kinda relived about. It would have been ok if it’d kept snowing, but instead if just snowed a little, then melted and froze into a slide. I managed to slip twice even in my awesome boots.

Still hanging out on Die2Nite, should be doing homework.

Wondering if I should be joining in the protests. I went to a little one in St.Helens but it was sparse. Cutting EMA is the worst, EMA was one of the few things that kept me going into college when I was doing my GCSEs again.

Oh well.

I’m neglecting this!

Die2Nite is fun. This college course is gonna fall to bits before a year is out due to absolutely nobody giving a shit.

I bet you know the electronics teacher though. He went on for an hour about how awesome phones and switchboards are (were) and how it’s a shame we’ve lost all that now it’s all done on computers. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking about phones, the lesson was on magnets.

It snowed a little bit! But it’s all melted now. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I wore in my awesome boots. Bought another waterer for the chickens because it keeps freezing solid when I forget to bring it in overnight.

I hope it snows again soon.

Go go stream of conciousness.