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day 17 – a bizarre song

Wendy’s Training Video

Slept in this morning, regretting it because I’ve had a headache all day, it was only until 12 too. Annoying, but I’ve taken ibuprofen now so hopefully it’ll kick in soon.

Found the second and third Hunger Games books in a charity shop, and ended up finishing the third one today, was good, better than I was expecting. Halfway through The Algebraist and have about 15 other books on the go too, as well as Pokemon, so I’m set for entertainment at the moment. Bought Kirrus Assasins Apprentice and Chibi a random thing I’ll leave as a surprise, so hopefully those’ll both arrive intact (Happy birthday, Chibi, it’s not your main present, sorry Tera for the guinea pig, I might just start him again because I can’t get it right…. Or send you a box of felting stuff and have you make it yourself :p)

Ibuprofen has kicked in…


day 16 – a song that I used to love but now hate

Never really had that happen. If I don’t like something I delete it from my list and forget about it. I can think of lots of songs to the opposite…

I found a dog a couple of days ago, I was walking to get Emmy from the groomers and this tiny little dog runs up to me and barks at me for fuss, I pet it a bit, watch it run around and ask a group of women if it’s theirs “Nope, it’s just been running round the school all day”

So I picked it up and took it home, it wasn’t skinny but it’s coat felt like it’d been living outside for a while. Called up to mum “You better come down here…” and let her look after it while I went to get Emmy, by the time I got home she’d named it Dora and it was sitting on her lap. Sophie was jealous of it though, and Emmy scared it, and it REALLY wanted to eat the cat/chickens, so we called the dog warden and he came and took it, apparently it was a Patterdale Terrier. He scanned it and it was chipped! So hopefully whoever owned it was missing it and it’s back with them now, and it wasn’t just dumped.

I painted everything I could reach, the back gate, the shed, the bench and the shelf from the front porch, they all look much better now, I might try varnishing the bench too, because the chickens will roost on it the moment I put it back together. I need to paint the chicken house but I’ve not gotten my head around that yet.


day 15 – a song that describes me

I don’t think any song can “describe me” and it’s a confusing question. Describe me how? Anyway, this is Vast – My TV and You, because I like it and because I spend a lot of time staring at my screen, although I rarely watch actual TV. I did hook the computer in the living room up to the telly on Saturday though, mum was impressed!

Terence was here from Friday to Sunday, Saturday we went to Toys’r’Us, then food at Ikea and a wander around Marks and Spencers, Sunday we went to Grandma and Granddads and I played Pokemon with Jonty (And let him win a battle, eventually, after I’d neutered my team so they were 10 levels below his and 4vs6 :p)


Jenny apparently has a new Rabbit, she had to surrender the last one to the vet…

I did a trialpay thingy and got Trillian Pro for 99p via snapfish, I expect to have the contents of my “random pictures” folder arrive in the mail from Snapfish some time soon too. I ordered photos properly off them before but they arrived as much awful quality that it put me off ever doing it again. (The colour balance was all off, despite it being fine in the original pictures they were all dark and murky)

Reinstalled Trillian anyway and the thing I wanted now works but… It feels like I’m using an older version than what I was, it keeps bugging out now and tabbing windows won’t work. Oh well, I think I moved onto a beta version by accident. Typing wakeupvisi into an IM window at me now sets off my alarm, should be interesting. xD

Taking Emmy to the groomers tomorrow, she’s getting matted on her stomach. Oh and I painted the front gate when I got home from college today, it’s now stained “dark oak” I didn’t realise until I opened the tin, I thought I’d bought “fresh pine” or something, but it looks ok. Gonna go back and buy a bigger tin, do the chicken coop and the shed and the bench, any colour is better than ginger.

Loong days

day 14 – a song that no one would expect me to love

Cee Lo Green – FUCK YOU

This amuses me, I like it.

Went out to Toys’R’Us yesterday, was fun, I haven’t been there in like, 10 years, maybe more?


day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure

That’s a weird one.

? I have no idea…

Yeah, that’ll about do it. There’s a reason her stuff is popular, I actually like it but I’ll never admit that again.

It’s been a long day and Terence is here so I’m gonna just take a min for this before bed. Watched comic relief and tidied everything, sat in the garden and ate lunch because it was waarm, fed bits of toast to the dogs and the chickens.

It’s been a good day.

Back on track!

day 12 – favourite song from a movie

Hmm. The one that instantly springs to mind is the theme from 28 Days Later, but I don’t know, it’s just the only one I know.

Actually, after thinking on it, yeah I know what one I pick, but I’m saving it for another later day. I don’t want to repeat songs.

Does this count as a movie? It better because both it and the song are awesomeness.

Thinking of quitting die2nite, it’s just taking too much time. Probably not quitting forever, it’s fun time waster and I <3 the IRC room, but just for now. I need to concentrate on college. I did the maths resit and I think I passed it this time, I hope I did! It was in the drama theatre, which was a proper theatre! Got a peek through the door at the previous session and it was funny how dramatically lit it all looked from outside, all shrouded in shadow, but it didn't feel like that once you were in there. I gave up chocolate properly a few weeks ago, it's... A relief, surprisingly, do you realise how much snack-stuff has chocolate in? Practically all of them. Gonna see if I can make it all the way through lent without eating any, just for the hell of it! (That's happening now, right? I love how I saw somebody the other day on some stupid video call it "The lentil season") Easter is gonna be annoying though. I should give up diet coke again too, it fucks up my skin even if I just drink one can a day for a couple of days. (I didn't realise this until the first time I stopped drinking it, the difference was surprising) Anyway, I love that song.


day 11 – a song from my favorite band

This is the song that was on in the background, I like this song.

Don’t remember what I did on the 14th so that’s it for this post.


Kinda dropped the ball, will catch up tomorrow.

Yet another post with a youtube embed!

day 10 – favourite music video

Easy. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

Maybe not the best, I don’t know what I’d put if it asked that,a but definitely my favourite. (Also, go get Intacto, the movie the video is based off)


Watched some of Crufts this morning, I thought they’d stopped televising it but apparently not. Played more Pokemon, 5 badges and 62 pokemon seen or something, nearly that caught and I picked up a pretty looking grass Pokemon so my team is starting to get more solid, only one or two slots I’m not sure about now.

It’s Terence’s birthday on the 17th so he’s gonna be home for that, he wants parts for his habitrail hamster cage.

Why did nobody tell me Revenge of the Titans is an awesome tower def game? I got it through some bundle a while back and then never bothered with it and suddenly somebody tells me it’s awesome! And it is awesome!

I’ve got a headache so this post is going to be short. Everything ok with everyone? It’s been eerily quiet here recently.

Pokemon is still fun!

day 09 – a song that changed the way I view myself

Man, I set myself all the challenges don’t I… This one took thinking about. Don’t laugh.

Good Charlotte – The Young and the Hopeless. – The Anthem

Haha, I still remember all the words. I said don’t laugh, after a few months I graduated onto Green Day, then.. Alkaline Trio, (<3) then I met Onni and he went "wtf are you listening to?" and I gave it up. But it was the first thing I listened to where I thought "Maybe I can listen to and admit to liking music, maybe I should see what else there is out there" I still don't mind Green Day, the kids next door blast it in the summer, makes me think of mowing the lawn to Warning and American Idiot on a hot summers day. Not that we have a lawn at the moment. The chicken coop is so much better up on the patio, apart from the fact the mud won't rot the wood, it's just much more accessible. Might put down some grass seed and limit the chickens to the main flower beds for a couple of weeks, it's worth a thought. Pokemon is still fun!