Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Here, have a fun talk from John Carmack at Quakecon (bout an hour and a half long but worth it)

Getting a fence built in the garden to keep the chickens in, unrelated to the one dying. She’d been visibly ill for a week or so, but I think she’d really been sick longer. Took her to the vet and he thought it was flystrike, but I think that was just a symptom, not the cause. I swear it wasn’t there that morning and once he’d cleaned it it never came back.

Come November we’re gonna buy some rose bushes, and maybe the grass will grow back. Bought a greenhouse but I’ve been very slow putting it together.

The Humble Bundle 3┬áis giving away a minecraft trial, so I’ve been trying to get Terence into it. Took an hour or so of coaching him over steam, but I’ve managed to get him walking and jumping and I think he broke a block last night! Gettin’ there. It’s worth it just for the minecraft trial, if you’ve never played it.

Took the cooker hood apart earlier. About a year after we got it it started making this terrible noise when switched on so we just stopped using it, I took it apart earlier out of curiosity and it turned out a wire inside had just fallen down into the fan, so that’s fixed! Also, “erase away magic sponges” or whatever they’re called really are magic, they even managed to make the kettle shiny, not even a brillo pad could do that.


This has sitting for ages now so I’ll just post it.

The chicken Hermia died 9am this morning. She’d been sick for a while.