Monthly Archive for October, 2011


Not really been in the mood to update this.

Thorax died, he had whatever Hermia had, but then a woman appeared on the doorstep and said “you wanna buy some chicks”? so now we have chicks.

Here they are

Set up the camera in the garden and filmed them for half an hour, nothing major happens but it’s a nice record of them. Do you think mother is getting bored of them yet? (I honestly don’t expect anyone to watch that whole thing)

Album of all the images I took is here:

Should I be cutting the mothers claws? They seem awfully long… She came with the chicks.

Mother: Lydia (Leghorn)
Biggest orange/white one: Lemon
Tortie/Spotted one: Caroline (Named after our old cat)
Tiniest Orange One: Sporticus (Named by my little brother, cause he has fluffy feet…?)
Biggest orange one: No name yet, any suggestions?

Two at the end who aren’t in the video:
Pekin: Tyrion (Hardpecker)
Orange: Sparrow