day 17 – a bizarre song

Wendy’s Training Video

Slept in this morning, regretting it because I’ve had a headache all day, it was only until 12 too. Annoying, but I’ve taken ibuprofen now so hopefully it’ll kick in soon.

Found the second and third Hunger Games books in a charity shop, and ended up finishing the third one today, was good, better than I was expecting. Halfway through The Algebraist and have about 15 other books on the go too, as well as Pokemon, so I’m set for entertainment at the moment. Bought Kirrus Assasins Apprentice and Chibi a random thing I’ll leave as a surprise, so hopefully those’ll both arrive intact (Happy birthday, Chibi, it’s not your main present, sorry Tera for the guinea pig, I might just start him again because I can’t get it right…. Or send you a box of felting stuff and have you make it yourself :p)

Ibuprofen has kicked in…

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  • Hey there

    I know it’s been mentioned a million times before but PLEASE could you email me a zip with a copy of Strawberry Magic? My dad’s not too well and we used to play it together when i was a kid…

    Hope you get this – reaaaalllly wanna play that game again


  • 15 books on the go?! I thought I was bad with occasionally having two or three …

    and lol re:Mike – you seem to have found a niche here, supplying that game..

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