Dragon… Age… Must.. Level…!

Dragon Age is so fun, I looked at the time yesterday thinking it was 10pm or so, and it was 2am! So far I haven’t had that many problems with the difficulty, sure I generally die the first time I do a fight, but that’s just added challenge! I always make it eventually.

Never die and it just becomes an interactive story, that’s the problem I had with Chrono Trigger in the end, I never beat it because I got bored of simply owning everything. The plot was nice, but there was too much easy fighting. (Plus, my DS broke and I can’t even charge it at the moment because Emmy ate both my chargers)

Oh well, back to playing I suppose! It still hasn’t stopped raining, but there’s a sort of craft-fair thing happening at the school around the corner tomorrow, gonna try and get to that. Should be fun to see all the tat I come home with

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