Diary of Wednesday, Axe Dwarf, Carpenter and Woodcutter


Early Spring, 557

New name, new home. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, I was hardly even involved. Either way I’ve been exiled, given an axe and sent a hundred miles into the middle of nowhere with a group of known idiots. “Use your axe” I was told, who knows what that means. Now we’ve set down in the middle of some forest and they’re talking about actually digging out a new “fortress”.

This won’t last long… At least I can carve us out some trade goods while they piss around, maybe by the time we hit the next village we’ll actually be able to trade for some booze.


Several days later

The nice soft sand they were digging into quickly turned into rock. I told them to give it up but then they found some rubbishy little gems and insisted they keep going.

Magpies, the lot of them. I’m never gonna get out of here. They insist this mountain is built of Jet, and that’s a good thing, but all I see is stones. Give me a good bit of wood any day.

557, Mid Spring.

Well they’ve gotten further than I thought they would, now they’re talking about making some elaborate staircase, something about a homage or tradition, I wasn’t really listening. I started carving us some nice beds, I’m tired of sleeping on the ground.
I put them in the hole they’ve dug along with the food, we’ll be cold, but at least we’ll be finally dry.


557, Late Spring

They started on their little stairwell, an ugly thing with levels and confusion, it doesn’t look efficient at all. They ooed and ahhed over ever silly little gem they found, but said nothing when they hit gold. It intersects with the stairwell on nine different levels, and that’s just a straight shaft downwards, who knows what we’d find if we branched out.

If we’re staying here then I want a bed with gold inlay. They can stick some of their silly little gems to it as well if they like.

I’ve insisted they start digging some farms at least, our booze stocks are running low.

557, Mid Summer.

Mid Dumber. Some migrants have arrived, more outcasts or just unlucky? Judging by their names I’ll assume they’re outcasts.

Monday – Good miner, good trader, not good at much else.
Tuesday – This guy’s in charge of our food, butcher, grower and cook.
Wednesday – That would be me! Good carpenter, woodcutter and axedwarf.
Thursday – Good miner, good metal crafter. Not much of a conversationalist.
Friday – Good brewer and awful fisherman. Good thing, I hate fish…
Saturday – This guy worries me a little, he likes carving bones, gems and stone, in that order.
Sunday – Reasonable engraver and stone worker.

January – Terrible miner, good at finding herbs though. Didn’t think those professions would go together.
February – Metal crafter and bone carver.
March – Good brewer but also a good fighter, once they dig me some barracks he’s in my squad.
April – Fisherdwarf, another bone carver.
May – Fish Cleaner, reasonable fighter.
June – Thresher and soap maker, but she says she wants to raise bees.
July – Cheese maker. That’s it.
August – Cheese maker too.

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  • “They can stick some of their silly little gems to it as well if they like.” – love it :-)

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