Proper Post and Thoughts

Not done much lately, college and home. Been trying to tidy up more and resisting the urge to spend $120 on a fountain pen.

If I re-arrange my bedroom, stick the bed in the middle instead of against the wall, I should have less floorspace but more room for bookshelves! It would be nice… Think we can fit another in the hall too if I move stuff around.

Mostly just been playing DF and die2nite really…


This fort, I have more goals than the last one. Each migrant wave will get a theme and each dwarf will get a name. Every dwarf gets a bedroom and couples get a suite. At the start of year five all the founders will retire, if the lava isn’t too far down I want to work out a pump-stack. I want to have a proper military, one that can actually see off small groups of enemies, not just two or three dwarves who hang around until they get massacred.

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