Second half of the first year, Wednesday’s Journal.


We started digging out a dining hall, never before have I seen so much raw gold, they will spak of this in the legends…

I have claimed four of the new migrants (March, May, June and July) and an empty farm slot to train them in. A few beds and it makes an adequate barracks for now. If I’m stuck here then I want to have some defense at least, the wide open gate isn’t resting my fears at all and all my shouting about making a gate seems to have gone unheard.

Autumn has come.
The dogs are breeding like cats, Friday states he wants us to butcher all the males, but I say we keep them for war, right now no decision has been made and they’ve all been let live in peace.

The dining room is finished and we’ve started to furnish it, just a couple of tables and chairs so far but it’s looking pretty good for a lowly lit cavern, the gold in the floor really sparkles. I’m trying to convince Saturday and Thursday to dig a second level for it and I think they’re actually gonna do it.

Idiots! This should be entertaining.

Talking politics for a while, one of the new migrants heard of our retirement plans, and they want in. They figure they’re gonna have as much of a hand in founding this place as we are (Tell that to Thursday and Saturday, they dug just about all of it!) so they want bedrooms and retirement too. We said fine, but if the next lot asks I swear I’ll spear the lot of them.

Speak of the devil… There’s only four of them, so they named themselves after card-suits. Club, Diamond, Heart and Spade. Spade and Club have, ironically, been drafted for my little military unit due to their surprisingly reasonble fighting skills. (Guess what they were kicked out for!) and Diamond and Heart have been set to building a new outer-wall.

I’m going to set them on some badgers, see how it goes. Shouldn’t be too hard a fight, and we could do with some fresh meat.

Several Hours Later
Three of the beasts down, with no injuries or losses, not a bad days work! June swears she saw a wild panda, and now that I look I notice there’s more bamboo around here than normal, but I don’t think we’re up to dealing with that yet.

Late Autumn

A caravan is here! I think we shall order more weapons! I’m liking the look of the axe their guard is carrying. Monday has assigned himself trade minister, and I can’t hear any arguements, mainly because we have nothing yet to trade, gold nuggets are valubable, but we don’t want to advertise that while we lack a good defense force, and they’re worth more smelted anyway.

We found another gold veign while digging out the upper dining room, this place is a dwarf heaven to be sure…

Winter is upon you.
A section of the dining room ceiling collapsed, Saturday fell through and was stunned, but otherwise unhurt, those idiots need to be more careful in future!

Mid Winter
Life proceeds as normal. The upper story of the dining room is complete, they added walkways so we could access the gold more easily, but they can be easily carved out in the future, and rumors are that Sunday is producing masterful chairs and tables for the dining room. I wonder where I’d be now if I’d stuck with my carpentry… Maybe when I hit retirement I’ll get to find out.

Late Winter
We’ve struck yet another gold vein and dug some rough workshops around the edge of the upper dining hall. They were originally going to be bedrooms, but plans change, they’re in a good location. I’m going to put this journal down for now and focus on training my forces. Hard to believe we’ve been here almost a year…


Edit: Oh yeah, second map.

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