I live

End of year has been kinda hectic, I didn’t get everything done in time but they’re still letting me go on to next year, so that’s a relief. We’re gonna do CNC and Welding at last!

Ended up sleeping in until 12 today, haven’t been sleeping much recently so that was nice. Somebody’s offered us more chickens and another coop, he was supposed to phone back but never did so who knows. RSPCA still has our number it seems.

Watching the last NASA shuttle launch (thanks Kirrus) which is pretty interestering.

Knowing I’m not going to fail the course is a huge relief, only annoying thing is I’d discovered an amazing grocers just outside college, which did the best fruit I’ve ever taken and now I can’t go back until September! I made some lovely strawberry jam, gave some to granddad, and was gonna go back and buy gooseberries but never got a chance… Also I’d gotten used to having a bacon sandwich and coffee from Greggs every morning!

I got a phone! Quidco was having a deal, free android phone, £5/month for the first 12 months then £10/month and £80 cashback after a couple of months, so I went for it. Had to do it on mums account because I failed the credit check (due to having never had credit)

I bought a whittling knife and made some cool things out of wood, the website looked kinda rough, but they managed to deliver it for the next day, which was pretty impressive.


I’ll leave this here for now.

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  • Can you post some pictures of things you’ve made with whittling?

    I’m still poking wool with a pin, especially when I’m on the phone with customers, thanks :D

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