So yeah, I’ve been really neglecting this.

What’s happened… I fucked up college, I’m on anti-depressents (which are making a lot of difference really, I’m not half as OCD or panicky or frustrated as I was…)

Done most of my Christmas shopping, just need to ship out a couple of things to people and have a few new things arrive. We have a real tree this year, I carried it home on the bus and everything. Terence will be home for Christmas too so we have to make an effort! (But I wanted the real tree!)

I got a lovely box of stuff from Pavili… If you’re reading this, thankyou, you need to go on MSN more so I can thank you proper!

Got the book and the glow stars from you too, thanks :p They’ve been put under the tree.

Bought some presents for the kids next door :3 I hope they like them, some chocolate, some bits and pieces, and some of these bath beans. They love anything you give them, I gave one of them a peanut in it’s shell once and they had to run off to show their mother. I think we’re also compensating for the fact cousin is such a pain in the arse to buy for, he didn’t even like the bath goo last year, he said it was disgusting, he didn’t like the farting goo I got him either, wouldn’t go near it, and his mum played with the plasticine more than he did. :( The year before he said the lego helicopter was “boring” and that he didn’t want it. I kept it and built it myself… He said the real stethoscope was boring too… It’s hard to know what to get!

Oh well, nevermind… We got him some dinosaur stuff and if he doesn’t like it then tough shit.

New years resolution is to get back into this I suppose, felt more, uh, give up chocolate again? That last one after Christmas, obviously.


Here, I felted some ornaments for the Christmas tree. Have all the other random pictures off my phone/camera too.

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  • Sorry about college… maybe try again in the summer? Glad the meds are helping, though. Hang in there, and remember I am thinking about you!

    Real trees are nice, but it seems like it takes until the next Christmas to get the needles out of the carpet!! We’ve got a fibre-optic one here that’s done for a few years now, but I noticed last night that the motor that makes the lighting glitter seems to have stopped.. That makes the third thing so far that was fine when put away last year, and is faulty when unpacked… I’m going to have to set a trap for some gremlins I think..

    Sorry only little bits from me so far.. I’m still waiting for that big lottery win before I can splash out properly.. ;-)

    I sympathise re present buying, particularly for him! He’s a hard one to get right…

    Love and hugs for Christmas; don’t give up chocolate, just keep writing :-)


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