Playing with GoogleChrome, I got an invite to the GoogleWave beta earlier and Opera couldn’t handle it, Opera was also having issues with some other sites. Chrome actually likes WordPress a lot more than Opera too it seems, this post suddenly has a spellchecker.

The only thing I’m disliking about Chrome so far is the fact you can’t change or disable keyboard shortcuts. I’ve downloaded this thing called “Autohotkey” to fix that, though, and I think I’m in love. It would be better by loads if Chrome came with it’s own shortcut editor, as you can’t change the ones that’re preset (I can’t have ctrl+n for a new tab instead of a new window, for instance, or ctrl+d for paste-and-go because it opens some stupid bookmarks thing) but you can work around those.


Ballistas are fun.

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  • Chrome hates me, for some reason. Crashes constantly. So, I’m sticking with the latest Opera, which has built-in on-the-fly spellchecker that works in pretty much every field you type in! Very handy. Got it customised pretty much how I like it, anyway – really must have a play writing my own User Javascript for it, rather than relying on others, then I could get all the tinkering I want for each site perfect!

    Glad you’re enjoying the dragon age; had a look at the demo (and L4d since you mentioned it) and looks fun, if you’re into that sort of thing. And have a machine capable of playing it – sigh …

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