Nom nom pear tart

Today arrived – 1 christmas tree, three DS chargers, 3 complimentary DS styluses and 2 free yorkshire-tea teabags. I also bought GalCiv, because for 61p

Neverwhere was fun. I don’t know what I was expecting, I guess I thought it was gonna be more of a kids book. I hadn’t really read anything about it beforehand, or even read the back, but I prefer to do that, otherwise I latch on to some stupid spoiler and then I spend the whole book waiting for it. Overall, it had a really surreal atmosphere, the bit where they try and convince him he’s actually nuts and just wandering the streets babbling, I was sort of waiting for that to be the case for almost the entire book. xD It was a good read though.

I’m not really fond of ebooks, reading them makes my eyes go a bit weird, and half the time they’re formatted horribly and everything is just one long massive paragraph. I think it was starting at a page of black text on a white background for too long that set the migraines off. I haven’t had another one since I went to the doctor, so who knows. Maybe I was just being empathic, it was around that week that grandma had the stroke, but I didn’t learn that till the migraines were gone.

Streaming Children in Need, not tried the iPlayer before, it’s actually pretty decent. News is on now, floods, swine flu, football… I’ve had the Swine Flu so I guess there’s no need for me to worry about that, it knocked me out for a couple of days, but I survived. The floods thing is pretty interesting, if you chose to live next to a lake/stream, though, you’ve gotta accept that floods are gonna be a possibility. Whoa, news footage of a MASSIVE bridge all chopped in half. Awesomeness. Yeah it’s sad the policeman died, but shit happens. I like how it looks like something’s just eaten part of the bridge.

Heh, apparently Sophie just managed to drink a bowl of wipped cream mixed with Advocaat, I’ve gotta go see this.

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  • Glad you liked Neverwhere.. I came to it not knowing what to expect either – only picked it up because he collaborated on Good Omens !

    yeah, the quality of eBooks, especially the dodgy ones, does vary a lot.. I had some where someone had taken a .txt and converted it to a PDF; what’s the point of that! Especially when they have it set to landscape and lost the end of every page. Sigh.

    For reading, I’ve got a little Sony reader – e-ink tech, so no backlight: much easier on the eyes! You just can’t use it in the dark.

  • PS .. saw this the other day … No relation I presume:


  • Yeah, that’s my robot twin. :p Interestingly, nowhere on that page do they mention if you can have sex with it or not.

    Kokoro = Heart in Japanese.

  • Now why does that subject come up every time? :-D

    Mind you, it’s not a new subject. Go read “Satisfaction Guaranteed” by Isaac Asimov, 1951 …

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