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Hopefully the thing in the comments won’t be too bad, I got the most readable one I could find and I used a nice small set of related words for it. :p I don’t like being spammed, I’ll get nothing for months and then suddenly, bam, two hundred YOU HAVE A COMMENT emails until I lock the post. And I locked it and they moved into another post!

Anyway. I wanna try this. I figure, why not. I never leave the house anyway, and it’ll actually motivate me to shower MORE. (I generally shower every couple of days or so, more if I’m feeling depressed or it’s hot weather xD I don’t wash my hair every day, because otherwise it goes totally nuts and after I’ve washed it it goes all frizzy and mad) Plus we go through shampoo and conditioner like nuts.

Nothing to lose, anyway.

Christmas list is now Tera, Chibi, Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence. I still need to get something else for Chibi. I want to get him a book named “Stray Thoughts and Nosebleeds” by Duncan Sarkies, but it’s impossible to get hold of for less than £20 secondhand. I found my copy in a holiday cottage and read it out of boredom, after I’d read it, I had to steal it. It changed my life, I don’t know in what way it changed it, or how big an impact it’s really had, but it goes straight to the top of my list of books. He won some award for it, but I can’t find any reviews or anything.

Looking at Amazon, he bought out another book a while ago and it’s still relatively easy to get hold of. *makes note to grab it some time*

Huh, some girl performing one of the skits. Not bad. Shame about the camera problems. If you can get hold of a copy of the book, do it. I found a pdf version of the script from the book. Here. Read it. It’s not that long.

Haven’t done much today, went to bed at 9am, hoping to not go to bed at all tonight, see how it goes.  Had a shower, failed to nap, here I am. Maybe I’ll go find some food.

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  • Also, spammers like older posts so another thing you can try is to close comments on old posts. Maybe there’s a way to do this automatically.

    The longer my hair goes without washing, the more controllable it is. But then it gets oily.

    Thought there was this politician who revealed he didn’t wash his hair ever, and it didn’t seem to have hurt him. He didn’t have a lot of hair though.

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