Day one, I suppose. 9:41pm.

It’s 9pm, I’m silly, happy, hyper and I haven’t actually been to bed yet for more than half an hour. (Tried napping at fairly regular intervals and only managed to sleep one of them) I’m sure I’ll crash soon enough, but-

Maybe I can do this!

I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, mum says I was like, 2 or 3 before I finally slept though, and even now it always takes me a good hour or two to get to sleep. I never want to go to bed, and I never want to get up.

But I want more out of my time, and I want to dream more. I want to try lucid dreaming and I want more self-discipline¬†and more energy. I want to see it get light in the mornings, instead of waking up at 4pm. I want to read more books and try more things without feeling like I’m wasting what awake-time I have.

I will try to do this, I promise.

Here, now, I promise that I will try.

Don’t let me down, Koco.

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