9:22am on.. Thursday, I think this counts as day 2.

Totally weird. I was just sitting here, nodding off, trying to force myself to stay awake, and suddenly, whoosh, I felt like goosebumps pass over my whole body and bam, I’m awake and alert! wtf was that. I’ve never had anything like that before, totally and utterly weird. (Edit an hour later, yep, still wide awake!)

I managed to doze a bit at 8am, but before that, the only nap I’d actually managed to get to sleep on, was 11am yesterday, and before that, was when I’d woken up at 2pm the day before after 4 and a half hours sleep. (Plus an hour lying awake) Maybe the human body can produce it’s own caffeine? Adrenaline? I am starting to feel it though.

I read a book last night that I really enjoyed when I was a kid, nothing too challenging. I half-heartedly looked for the rest of the series for download, but could only find one, unseeded audio book and I’m not in the mood for audio at the moment.

Now that I think about it, that’s another book I stole. It’s not something I do often, honest! I was in… Year 5 when I grabbed it? Yeah, around that, picked it up off the shelf in the classroom, read it, got my friend to read it, read it again and never got round to giving it back. It’s lasted, though, I read a lot faster now than I did then, but I still enjoyed it, despite it being a kids book.

I think one of the things that differentiates kids books from adult books a lot of the time is the language used, they’ll simplify and simplify until only a 5yr old can enjoy it, and then an adult will read through it, either out of curiosity or because there’s a 5yr old in the room, and decide that all childrens books are the same, hideously simple, and that they’ll never read another one. While some of them are pretty decent stories once you get into them. I guess you’ve just gotta lower your expectations slightly and take it for what it is.

American Gods just arrived, I guess I’ll go read that.

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  • Why is it that people seem to feel it’s OK to steal books? I’ve stopped lending mine out, as I rarely get them back… Not that I’m one to talk; I think I have at least a couple of Library Books about that are several years overdue..

    You’re doing well with the posting lately! Must be the lack of sleep … I’ve not tried going more than a couple of days, although I’ve had my fair share of interrupted nights to get me the sleep-deprived look without the effort. I’m going to have to check in more often, you’re posting quicker than I get around to commenting!

    Agree re kids books. Many of my most enjoyable reads have been aimed at the younger audience. Whereas some books take so much effort to read that the plot has to work really hard to make it worthwhile. Did you get Nation yet, incidentally? I found that excellent, and it was actually good to read a non-discworld book by TP. Just reading Unseen Academicals at the moment, and whilst it’s a good read, you start to know where things are going whenever certain characters pop up..

    Keep up the writing!

  • I try not to steal books very often. If I’m gonna lend a book to somebody, I admit to myself that I probably won’t see it again or I just give it outright. I don’t tend to borrow books off people because I don’t like having the responsibility of having to give it back, keeping it uncreased and always having to make sure I don’t pour tea all over it or read it while eating a jam sandwich or something. I prefer to just buy a copy off eBay or Amazon, preferably second hand. The copy of American Gods I bought looks like it’s been read by 500 people and I can throw it around all I like, while Nation is shiny and new and I feel bad that I’m gonna ruin it. ;p

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