Your brain has a reset button.

I pressed my reset button. Tonight I’ll go to bed at midnight, get up at 7am tomorrow, do the same for a couple of days before starting again, maybe the sleep dep will kick in properly this time, and I’ll actually stick to the schedule instead of just taking it as a rough guide. ;p As it is, I slept from 9am-5pm today before actually feeling awake.

That book’s ok, it’s fairly interesting, more-so than some things I’ve read, but he’s one of the cases of oversimplification I think, that and he puts way too accurate measurements. His characters would only very rarely say “I’m going to the shop” they always say “I am going to the shop” instead, “It is cold in here” “I have got one of those at home” and “This bit of wood is 4.2 meters long by 2 inches wide”

That and characters always refer to other characters by name, because they’re all robots I guess. “I am going to the shop ALAN” “It is cold in here ALAN” “I have one of those at home ALAN” “This bit of wood is 4.2 meters long ALAN” He’s the main character, you’re his best friend, we know his name, you don’t need to keep repeating it! They do this even when there’s only the two of them in the conversation.

Interestingly, on top of that there’s very little description, he’ll introduce a new character as in “The man walked into the room, he was wearing a suit.” He won’t say what the man or the room looked like unless pushed, at which point he’ll go into OCD detail of stupid little things.

It just doesn’t feel well enough edited, I guess. I’ll stick with it though, see how it goes. If I post a proper review then I get the second book free, maybe it’s better. ;D

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  • I’ve met people in real life who use my name to me on virtually every sentence… it feels very weird and over-contrived sometimes, as if they are trying to say “look, I know you, you’re my friend”. Or those people who you don’t know, and are talking to for a business reason, whom insist on calling you by your first name at every opportunity.. Excuse me? Did I ask to be your friend. No, tell me what I need to know and then get lost..

    Me? I’m the other sort – hardly ever use peoples’ names, because I don’t often remember them …

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