Olive oil + bread = all you ever need.

Heh, started writing this yesterday then got distracted by shiny objects.

Actually slept on the 11am/7pm naps, but I don’t remember dreaming. I also fell asleep somewhere around lunchtime and woke up around 2. I don’t remember falling asleep at all. I remember I was watching Life After People and trying to not doze off, but I don’t remember if I finished watching it or not, or at what point I fell asleep. Irritating. :p

I posted my review on the LibaryThing website, and found this if anyone’s interested in reading it.

Ordered some prints of photos off Snapfish.com, but when they arrived the quality was terrible. The contrast is turned up so high everything is basically the same shade of grey, and they’re all blurry.

*gets distracted again* *makes a little cat out of clay to go with the elephant she made yesterday*

It’s a lot cuter than that in real life. It’s got a little tail and everything.

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