Market day

Don’t really remember doing anything yesterday, but apparently I made biscuits, and mum made mincemeat for the mince pies, and I tidied the kitchen again. The biscuits were fairly inedible, but apparently you’re supposed to use them as christmas tree decorations or something? I forgot to poke holes in them before I baked them, anyway. Gonna tidy the living room tomorrow and put the tree up, brother is here on sunday and we were gonna do it with him, but since we wanna go out there wouldn’t really be time.

Took the pups to the groomers today, got their faces trimmed. They’re unrecognisable! Groomer lady said they were both utterly bonkers and that we should try and desentatise them to having their faces and eyes touched. Hair in the eyes is probably always gonna be a problem with them, so I guess it’s a good idea.

Booked myself in for an eye test on Monday, went to Tescos, bought lots of fruit. They’re finally doing those orange-type-things they only do at Christmas that’re really easy to peel, bought like, 10 of those and I’ll probably eat them all. I have two on my desk waiting at the moment. (Along with a beef-paste sandwich, some oreo cookies, some grapes, some cheese footballs and one very hopeful Emmy – edit 5 mins later, scratch the sandwich :D nom nom)

Had a hotdog and a waffle in the only cafe in town (Stupid middle of nowhere place, there is a McDonalds but it’s so out of the way it’s not worth going to. His hotdogs are really awesome though, best I’ve ever had. Better than ikea ones!) then walked around the market, bought a couple of pretty rocks that I’ll take a picture of later. One is a very lumpy turquoise, the other looks like marble or something, I liked it because it looked like somebody had painted it.

The groomers was expensive, but worth it, they plucked their ears and everything. Walked both pups there, but had to carry Sophie home, she was falling asleep in the ladys arms while I was paying. Walking there was her first time on the lead, she tried to fight it a bit, but overall she did ok. Was funny watching her walk a few steps, and then suddenly fight it like mad, and try and backflip into the road, then walk normally again.

Was a fun day.

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