Sleepy Sleepy

I am watching Heroies (s01) just for the hell of it. Up to like, ep6 now. ┬áIt’s something to do.

I dunno what to write, didn do much today, tidied up a bit, ate… I don’t really remember. I guess I spent most of the day watching Heroes. I just wanna see how s02 panned out, I never got back into watching it after season 1. Had a shower, ate like, 6 oranges.

We’re out of fruit again. ;_; I ate all the nice oranges in like, two days. I’m in a fruit-mood at the moment. If I get hungry, I eat fruit! Better than eating crisps or crap. At the beginning of this year I ate practically nothing but chocolate, that was annoying.

Although, there are some of those white chocolate oreos downstairs…

Hmm. I dunno. :p Think I’ll stay up late tonight. I’m in a mood to just start typing and see where it goes.

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