Typed this out over the course of a day, pretty much.

(4am) Going through my downloads folder, looking for something to do, I found the first episode of Dexter. No idea what it’s about or anything, just put it on and watched it.

Whoa. That was quite fun. *Goes to look for the rest*

(5am ish) Next… Oh look, I downloaded 28 Days later.

Verdict :
Damn. Seriously. I’ve gotta buy a copy of that now. Took me about 6 hours to watch it because mum kept interrupting me. But still… I can see where L4D got a lot of their influences too. *Goes to look up prices on Amazon*

I guess it’s a bit like “I am Legend” only done right. I am Legend was a terrible film but the book was decent, the only relation the film had to it was the title. And that reminds me, I had The Omega Man sitting in my “to watch” folder for a while, which was another film based on the same book, but never got round to looking at it. Wonder if it’s still around.

It keeps hailing and showing. Always both at the same time. Funfun. Makes a sound like frying bacon or steam when it hits the ground.

28 Weeks Later has finished downloading, lets see how it goes.

I’ve actually spent most of the morning reading Jack London’s “People of the Abyss” (you can read it here) and trying to discourage the kids from throwing snowballs at my window. :p It was funny, one kid was chucking snowballs and I just went and sat by the window, he was about to throw another one and then he saw me, and casually redirected it to next door, as if he was totally innocent.

28 Weeks Later verdict:

Well that wasn’t bad but I enjoyed the first one more. Is this the Horror genre I’ve heard so much about? I’ve never really paid any attention to it.

Think I’ll download this next. Amazingly unrelated to everything else I’ve watched today, but maybe I’ll learn something. Was tempted to buy it, but Christmas eats money.

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  • Have you been sneaking into my life today? Dexter is one of my staples! It’s one of the series I’m caught up on; always waiting for the next week’s episode to be posted..

    Got 28 days/weeks later on DVD, bought as a twin-pack cheap somewhere ages ago. But watched it on download first of course. First one is definitely better, as always. I’d say it was less horror and more disaster-movie genre, although of course there is always crossover.

    BBS is OK, but it’s very USA centric. The UK scene was really quite different, especially in the early days as we had different computers with different capabilities over here. Not forgetting Micronet 800 and Prestel who swayed things towards the viewdata format, as they gave away modems and software with the subscriptions, much like the Internet access providers today. It was fun – think of everything that the internet is today, but UK only, and squashed into a teletext style display! If only BT hadn’t thrown it all away..

    Snow here too, but no snowballs. Those were yesterday ;-)


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