Up to s03 of Dexter. The timing on this show is good… They build it up and do suspense so well.

Tidying up Terence’s room, which is mainly used as a store room. He’s coming home for Christmas tomorrow. Christmas is so close now! I got him a badge maker. Well, I got “him” a badge maker. :p Should be fun to play with, got one of the ones that does three different types of badges (big, small and square!)

Bought a polish thing from Tescos and cleaned up my boots. I only get to wear them for a couple of months each year because they’re so heavy, but I wouldn wanna go out in snow without them. Snow, which by the way, still hasn’t melted! yay~ Watch it all melt on Christmas eve, just to deny us a white Christmas. (Having to capitalise Christmas every time is really annoying. I was gonna make an autohotkey thing to do it for me, maybe I still should, but it seems a bit pointless now so close to the date. I ALWAYS type it christmas and then have to go back and fix it.)

Got a sort of compost heap thing in the garden, and I’ve been hanging up bird feeders. That’s fun to watch, lots of little birds dodging the cats and dogs. Pigeons and blue tits and little brown sparrow type birds and other birds I dunno the name for. The blackbirds own the compost heap though, there’s one female that just stands on the fence and chases every other bird away, and when I hung up the bird feeders I hung one on the shed, at which point the cat instantly sat on the shed roof, with her back to it, looking around surreptitiously¬†every now and again. She’ll never catch anything, but she is funny to watch.

Had toast and pate for lunch, whee. I’m in a decently good mood now. Guess I’ll watch a bit more of Dexter and then go back to tidying.

And oh yeah, happy birthday. :p

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  • It’s good when you can watch a lot of something all at once. I spent the whole of Dexter S3 waiting for the next weeks episode … S4 is no better! The suspense is killing me.

    We tried putting hanging things out for the birds a few years ago, but around here we seem to get little other than magpies, whom ignored them all. There’s a birdtable in another garden behind us. One of the local cats sits on it in the summer. I think it’s given up holding it’s mouth open though …!

    Ta for the birthday wishes. I guess my cover is blown.. I wasn’t sure you’d keep writing if you knew who I was, and I do enjoy reading your writings, and our little interaction!

  • I generally let a series run to the end of season before I watch it. That’s why I haven’t managed to pick up s02 of Dollhouse yet… This Dexter, I don’t think I could stand all the suspense between episodes.

    Just curious about how you actually found this? I know I didn’t have my whois stuff masked until after you started commenting.

  • You want to try watching three entire series of 24 in a week .. think we barely slept! That said, it’s better than waiting a week for each episode, but then, do you really want to wait a *year* to watch the next series of something good? Bit of a hard choice .. That’s when the Americans don’t cancel things without letting them finish – would really have loved to know how Surface was supposed to carry on! Do they only ever look at local ratings or something, and never worldwide sales? You’d have thought they would have learned their lesson with Star Trek ..

    As for finding this? TBH, I can’t remember – had it bookmarked since before you restarted writing. It wasn’t through the whois anyway – not having been told where you’d moved to rather precludes searching by address..

    And I’m not stalking, promise – this is the only place I know where to find you: I hope you don’t mind, I do think of you a lot..

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