It seems that pulling pictures off of my camera now causes my computer to crash. Gonna run the memtest thing, download a couple of XP discs and start backing shit up. It didn’t start doing this till I got my new CPU, so it’s probably either drivers or hardware related to that. Could just be I installed it wrong? Who knows. I didn’t reformat after installing, so maybe some of the old drivers are still hanging around or something.

I’m pretty sure it’s not overheating anyway.

It’s a weird crash. Everything just… Freezes, nothing responds, mouse doesn’t move, any music that was going stalls. CD drive still goes in and out though. :p

I’ve not had the other crashes I was having for a while, where the comp just went “bip” and rebooted, so at least that’s on my side.

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  • Nothing in the event log to indicate something going wrong?

    One thing to try just before you reformat (it may bugger things up totally, but if you are going to re-format anyway…) is to reboot into safe mode, goto device manager, and delete virtually everything. When you reboot, windows will re-detect everything.

    Another tip – create a backup using the “files and settings transfer wizard”. It doesn’t usually get everything, and it’s no substitute for backing up your stuff specifically, but it does copy your carefully crafted look-and-feel to you can get a reloaded or new machine back to how you like it fairly quickly.


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