nom nom meaty meat

Had a roast dinner for.. dinner, Terence made some fairy cakes which came out absolutely TERRIBLE and seem to consist of nothing but sugar. His recipe ended up something like, one handful of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a bag of sugar, one egg. He insists they’re perfect and they’re supposed to be crispy, flat, hollow and once you get into them, slightly chewy, but I’m not arguing with him.

Played L4D2 last night. It was awesomeness. Me and Tera also looked up prices and dates for going back to visit. It shouldn’t be that expensive, but what with me having no money what-so-ever at the moment and me being nervous to leave mum alone incase she ends up in hospital again… Date at the moment is Feb 8th until Feb 15th, or something. Feb 8th until Feb 14th was £10 more expensive.

I applied for an ID-Card application form and it arrived. Guess I should go for it, my passport only lasts a year, being an emergency one and runs out in September. ID card is more limited, but cheaper.

Messed around with Autohotkey and made my capslock into a button of awesome. Having an Enter key all the way over there is so nice.

It hasn’t snowed again, but it has been frosty all day, so you never know.

Started watching the film Intacto, but got distracted by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and mum finding things for me to do every 7 minutes. (She managed to call me three times in 20 minutes, I’m not even sure what she wanted. Normally it’s “fill in this line on this game” or “watch this funny moment on telly” and it ends up taking me half an hour)

Missed Doctor Who earlier, will have to iplayer it. I’ll post about the film when I’ve had a chance to finish it.

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