Webcomics I read! (Just for the hell of it)

MSPA – MS Paint Adventures – Updates a few pages just about every day, the amount of pages depends on how complicated he gets. This quote from the FAQ sums the whole thing up:

“My name is Andrew, and I have done some other stuff too. As for why I’m doing this, my objective is merely to make your day just a little more fucking awesome”

Digger – Furry comic about a wombat who gets a little bit lost and ends up on an epic quest (much to her distaste). Comic generally updates a few times a week. It used to you had to pay to read the archives, but not anymore. It’s shiny and well worth reading. Her other art is pretty too, but I don’t think it’s all work-safe.

Jack – Another furry comic. A lot darker than Digger, not at all work-safe and sometimes a little hard to follow, but awesome all the same. Update schedule seems to be entirely up to the artists mood and the site does tend to suddenly disappear and reappear a week later with no notice, but he’s updating fairly often at the moment and the archives go back a long way.

SMBC – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Updates every day, you gotta remember to mouseover the red button underneath it too though. Always fun.

XKCD – Seriously, who doesn’t read this? I’m just waiting for that LotR comic to come out as a poster. I’m sure it will eventually.

BOASAS – Boy on a Stick and Slither – Philosophical comics, most of the time interesting but not very easy to link to people. I like it though. I dunno how often this updates, it seems to be another case of “when I feel like it.” (not that that’s a bad thing)

Sheldon – Nice to see every day, but I’m not overly bothered about it. If I missed a comic I probably wouldn’t bother to go back and find it. But it’s got it’s moments. Adding it here because it’s not a bad comic and he’s one of those people with the ability to spot truths.

A Softer World – I dunno to be honest. His photography is interesting, and the comics are always good. There’s also “I blame the sea” which can be shiny.

Neroid Picture Diary – Chibi linked me this a while ago, it amuses me.

Chainmail Bikini – Sort of. They finished the comic and it disappeared from the web, but now they’re reposting it, three posts a week or something. D&D comic, it’s fun. DMotR, another D&D comic using screencaps from LotR is worth reading through too.

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