Chocolate and Nom!

Thought you’d just decided it wasn’t worth commenting anymore. :p And you should try DF, it’s fun. You don’t have to have the ascii¬†graphics either. It does takes an hour or two to work out the controls though. But once you’re in, it’s awesome.

More snow is predicted here today or tomorrow, it’s only today that’s it’s actually started melting. Had huge icicles outside my window, I’ve never really seen icicles before!

I keep getting distracted from writing this by Dwarf Fortress. This has been open about 5 hours now and the above two paragraphs are all I’ve managed.

I made a fortress in a wilderness/terrifying area.  My seven starting dwarves set off, but a week or so after landing and starting to dig their new home, six of the seven were killed by Tigermen. The one lone survivor dug himself in and became quite content for a while, even with a broken arm that stopped him sleeping.

After a few weeks of living on his own, a group of seven migrants arrived. Survivor dug himself some nice rooms and went to sleep off the broken arm.

A season or so later, three Skeletal Lions appeared at the top of the main staircase. They smashed through the doors and proceeded to slaughter everyone they came across, man and animal alike. Survivor was struck down in his bed and eventually there were only two dwarves left, both locked and slowly starving to death in their bedrooms. These two brave dwarves were about to make a final lunge at the enemy, knowing that their fortress was soon to fall.

But what’s this! Some migrants have arrived! Slowly, around twenty migrants trickled in, all getting slaughtered by the lions, despite their efforts to fight back. Eventually one fishcleaner and a kitten led the lions away for long enough that the last six migrants could sneak into the fortress and seal themselves in. With enough food and booze to survive, as long as they could get a door up between the farm and the lions, they’d be fine forever. But the room they were sealed into had no mining picks for expansion, basically, it was a dining room. Tables and chairs and a masons workshop.

They made a brave effort to get a new door in place, which they did, a moment later!

Both lions wandered off the map.


Time to start clearing out the bodies and deal with the skeletal chimpanzee problem.

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