Curry for dinner agaaain!

The racing game was fun… Tempted to gather together ¬£20 and buy four copies of it. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but I still liked it. The football bit was the best, a bit like trying to play football on a bike, on grass.

Torrents, haven’t ever really had a problem with them. There’s the odd thing I found hard to get, an obscure film mum wanted, Serenity (For some reason I could only find one torrent and it always stuck at 95% and was packed into a rar, maybe Firefly fans don’t pirate what they can buy…) the odd very obscure game. I try and buy films and what-not if I can, I bought all the Firefly DVDs and Tera got me Serenity eventually. I bought 28 days later and Fight Club the other day too, but I dunno, it’s like a demo, why should I spend money on something if I’m not even sure I’m gonna like it. DVDs are so cheap now anyway though…

Yesterday was ok. Brother came round, he was in a bad mood but he’s got an awesome new laptop, I filled it up with games for him, but he kept whining about wanting different things I couldn’t get. (An obscure PC game named Strawberry Magic. It was a puzzle/adventure game about a kid who got turned into a strawberry or something. If anyone can find even a mention of that, beyond a single “OMG YOU’VE HEARD OF IT OMG” then you are a better man than me. If you can find an actual copy of it, you are God.)

I have a sudden urge to play dos games now, having done that for him. There was a CD with¬†99 games on it that I loved as a kid, managed to dig it out of the “these shouldn’t actually work anymore but somehow they do” spindle and installed that for him. (All you actually need is fun.exe and the GAMES folder)

I also managed to disable the bullshit security school had put on his laptop. Whoops! They’d disabled him from downloading any .exes but at the same time hadn’t bothered to put any safesearch or anything on. Had to turn off his (about to expire) virus protection for a while too… *whistles* Windows 7 is pretty shiny though, I hadn’t had a chance to play with it before, it looked pretty decent but I think I’ll stick with XP for now. The whole taskbar “LETS SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO ONE ICON AND THEN MERGE IT WITH THE QUICKLAUNCH SO YOU CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE” thing confused me a little but I’m sure it was curable.

Granddad also came round. By the time he left, I’d been volunteered as an aircraft catcher/hunter/fence hopper or something. Should be interesting if he remembers to ever pick me up. He does something with model airplanes but I’ve never been 100% sure what, apparently they have motors in or something, I just thought he chucked them and hoped they flew.

I dunno, I’ve never really had a real conversation with him, I know I should, I just get shy around people. I get scared I’m gonna say the wrong thing and that they’re gonna dislike me for it or use it against me, even though I know they won’t.

Then we had a curry and brother went home and I played Dwarf Fortress for a few hours while I tried to unwind my brain. The end!

I think I’ll go install DOSBox…

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  • 19 versions of Serenity up on usenet.. but I guess that’s by-the-by now. Feel free to post your “hard to find” list though!

    On that subject: Strawberry Magic. Ah, I remember that. It was one of about six “big box”ed games that came shrink-wrapped together in a row, looking very impressive, from Toys-R-Us god knows how many years ago. I’ve had a hunt in case I still have it, but not turned anything up yet. I’ve a horrible feeling that the disc got broken. I’ve yet to check several “half a million games for Windows 95” discs though, which don’t list their contents, but I don’t hold out much hope. I’ll have another look later.

    Fun.exe, ah, yes – how to ensure you don’t discard the driver CD for your video card! It’s still a good play.

    Not tried the new Windows yet .. I’m still on XP on this laptop, although there are others with Vista on it. The desktop upstairs is still on Win2000, but I don’t get to use it much these days, except sometime via VNC.

    The aeroplanes are highly crafted pieces of aeronautical engineering, and use rather fancy rubber bands, mostly, to drive them. Yep, let them go and they fly for a bit, and eventually land. The competition is for how long they stay up without crashing or flying so far that you can’t see them any more. It’s rather hard to get right when you’ve absolutely no control of them! Unfortunately they often land at the other side of the airfield/in a ploughed field/in the top of a tree/on somebodies’ roof, and that’s where you’ll come in – fetching it! :-) Hey you might enjoy it – after all, it’s fresh air and exercise…

  • You don’t have the disc, it did get broken.

  • Drat, I was hoping it was another one.

    OK. So I’m not a god. I’ll have to settle for being “a better man”. LOL. Here’s a mention, with screenshots too!
    From an Italian website, listing an Israeli publisher…

    [further digging..]

    Ok. It was published by Scops Software Ltd, of Farnham, but they seemed to go bump in 1997. I have however found the man who ran the company, and mailed him for help. Will let you know if anything comes of it..

  • ok. He’s not got anything left. But pointed me at somehting I’d missed – eBay auction 400098012734 …

  • Awesome *bids on it*

    Terence will be so happy… I did an ebay search originally but it didn’t come up.

    I guess the next challenge will be actually getting them to run. That should be a fun afternoon.

    Wait, does this mean you’re God?

  • Ah, I saw the bid, was hoping it would be you. (eBay doesn’t indicate who bidders are any more..)

    And Hmm, you did say “if you can find an actual copy” rather than asking for anyone to actually have it in their possession … so, yep, I’m God. Prayers should be submitted one week in advance, and will be answered on alternate Tuesdays, unless of course there is an vowel in the month. Miracles will be dispensed at my discretion. :-)

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