I only have three pairs of shoes.

I don’t understand why people need more.

This is pretty cool. This too. This is a pretty webcomic, on the same awesomeness level as BoxerHockey, and finally, this is a pretty interesting webcomic. (It’s written by a 5yr old and drawn by a pretty decent artist)

Bought a SomethingAwful account, for the hell of it. Haven’t gotten myself banned yet, which is a good sign.

Hmm. Played some Left4Dead1 earlier, was pretty fun. I prefer L4D2 though, it seems, I dunno, smoother? Maybe the server really didn’t like me, but it felt I was running around on ice.

On that note, it snowed again a little bit last night! It’d all melted by lunchtime, but stillyay. I <3 snow. Pavili says there’s lots of snow in Finland now but not so much coldness, I never knew it worked like that, I guess I always thought the snow controlled the weather, more snow on ground = MORE COLD EMANATING IN AN UPWARDLY DIRECTION = COLDER TEMPERATURES.

Hmm. Those elephants I made out of clay? Emmy ate them.

She now has a white Hitler mustache, to go with Sophies black one. I need to take photos of them but I always forget to upload them. They’ve both gotten pretty big now.

Done for now, can’t think of anything else. Bed time!

1 Response to “I only have three pairs of shoes.”

  • Quite.. casual shoes and formal shoes. What else is there? Oh, I’ve got some wellies too – do they count?

    Love the glow-in-the-dark-wall link. Must try that.. The whiteboard one? Well, pretty much anything smooth works – I’ve used sticky-backed-plastic stuck to the wall before now. My shopping list board was the back of an ordinary laminated paper for some time, before it got too scratched to clean.

    SomethingAwful.com ? Tried to look, but it got blocked by opendns .. “adult themes”. lol. The things we have to put up with with kids about..

    To a certain extent snow does == colder, so you’re not actually wrong there. That’s why the cold snap recently lasted so long, and why there are still patches of snow in the corner of the local shopping centre car park, six weeks on. The white ground reflects the sunlight away, so sunshine alone can’t melt it, it needs warm air as well.


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