Holiday stuff

So yeah, spent the week in Amsterdam with Tera. (8th – 15th)

Monday : Arrive
Tuesday : Stuff?
Wesnesday : Sleep
Thursday : Go out possibly
Friday : Sleep
Saturday : Go out
Sunday : Sleep mostly
Monday : Sleep and then go home.

There you go. Now I’m home. It wasn’t the most eventful holiday ever, but it was fun. I acquired a frying pan and some sweets for mum.

Over the week we watched…

All 3 of the Austin Powers movies,
Time Bandits (That was actually seriously awesome, if a little dated looking)
Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal (Also surprisingly awesome)
All 3 of the LotR films,
Enter The Dragon (Yeah. It was a bad-movie night and apparently I do a pretty decent running commentary)

There might’ve been more but if there were, I don’t remember them, and I don’t think videos about trains count. LotR took up a lot of time but it was a lot shinier than I remembered, I guess the last time I saw it was in the cinema. DEATH BED was so bad it was amazing

But yeah, we didn’t go out much. It was all fun though and the inflatable bed was much more comfortable than the camping mattress thing I slept on last time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets and go again some time, it was fun.

3 Responses to “Holiday stuff”

  • Tuesday and Sunday we went grocery shopping. I make a point of doing that whenever I’m abroad.

    And we cooked a lot of awesome foods.

    Curry. Poffertjes. Cous cous. Spaghetti :D

  • Glad you had a good time. It’s nice to have a relaxing holiday occasionally – sometimes people try to cram too much “to do” into them, and you get home needing another holiday to get over it! I think we must have a similar taste in movies – although must admit I dozed through a lot of LoTR – and that was in the cinema! Oops..

    But… a frying pan??!

  • An AWESOME frying pan!

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