My teeth hurt. If this doesn’t clear up in a week I’m going to the dentist and paying to get it fixed. x_x Was halfway through a root canal when we had to move house and it just never got sorted out. The fact it’s hurting a lot is probably a bad sign, but the more it hurts, the more I chew at it and prod it with my tongue, and the more it hurts.

Things I need to do!
1. Attach new garden gate (Take the hinges off of the old one, spray paint them, attach them to the new gate that’s sitting in the living room) The gate that’s on at the moment is totally rotten and bits keep falling off. I’ll probably do this tomorrow.
2. Dig out a flowerbed in the front garden, even if I don’t put anything in it, there obviously used to be ones there but they’re all about 5+ years overgrown. Would make mowing the lawn easier too since I wouldn’t have to mow the flowerbeds as well. I’ll say I’m gonna do this tomorrow but in reality, I won’t.
3. Clear the back garden up, dig beds, buy bricks and mortar and concrete and build a raised vegetable bed, plant vegetables in it.
4. Learn to drive so I can move heavy things around.
5. Buy wood
6. Turn wood into chicken coop
7. Buy chickens.

8. Cry when dogs eat chickens
9. Dog-proof chicken run and buy more chickens

Ok, maybe not all of that is gonna happen any time soon. But chickens would be awesome, and I really do need the clear the garden. The weather is finally improving and it’s about the right time of year I guess. Need to get the patio bit resurfaced too, as well as clear out the shed.

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  • Yup… if teeth hurt for more than a bit, is best to get them looked at.

    As for chickens … At least if you get (and manage to dog-proof) them, you’ll have a ready supply of fertiliser for the newly invigorated flower-beds !

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