Dentist lady booked me in, going back tomorrow, 12:35. Ibuprofen is a miracle drug and I’ve basically been overdosing on it today, so I guess it’s probably an abscess. It’s not getting any smaller. Abscess is also a really weirdly spelt word.

Put a new motor in the Dyson, £16 refurbished off eBay, + special star-shaped screwdrivers. Still a lot cheaper than getting a new Dyson. I think the motors are £40 new. I managed to break the old motor, it’s… Complicated. It’s now sitting outside for the scrap metal guy anyway.

Still haven’t done the front gate, but I did tidy up the front garden a bit, gonna go out tomorrow if I get a chance and buy screws and metal spray, apparently we used up the previous can, and I can’t find the bag of screws that was in the toolbox.

Apparently there’s a Picross 3D due out in English in a day or two, that should be fun. Mum finished the DS game she’s been obsessing over and is currently a bit lost.

Hmm. According to Amazon, both Dragon Haven and The War of the Dwarves come out tomorrow, so that should be good assuming they arrive on time, there’s a couple of other books I’m thinking of getting too.

Currently trying to read The Dragonbone Chair, but it’s just not grabbing me so far. I’ll stick with it though as long as I can be bothered, it’s got some good reviews and I got a really nice copy off eBay for a couple of quid, it’s well read and soft and easy to read.

Time for more painkillers I think.

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