Tooth pain and two different types of antibiotics.

Hmm. Why when I open this does my youtube video break? It should motivate me to write this shit faster anyway, normally I start typing, write 100 words or so and then get distracted by videos or chickens, and only remember it four hours later.

So yeah, I went to the dentist today, he looked at it, shrugged, charged me £16.50 and said he could take it out, I could go back to Manchester and get it sorted there, or I could pay £500~ and go private, which we can’t afford to be honest. I really, really don’t want it taken out. ._. Gonna look into how far the dental hospital is from the train station and what journey time is like, but knowing them, they’ll put me on a waiting list for a year+ before seeing me anyway.

I’m on ibrpoufen and two different types of antibiotics now, anyway, the abscess started going down on it’s own at about 5pm, I took the antibiotics at 7pm, supposed to take one every 8 hours or so, three times a day so I guess the next one is due at… 3am? Maybe I should go Polyphasic again, that was fun.

Out of randomness, the back of the antibiotics packet says “OMG DO NOT DRINK BOOZE WHILE TAKING THESE” the woman in the pharmacy said “OMG DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING THESE” and the dentist also said “YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK WHILE TAKING THOSE!”

…It does make me curious to find out what happens if I drink while taking them.

Still reading, The Dragonbone Chair did get more interesting after 100 pages in, as one of the reviews said it would, but it is a very stereotypical fantasy book, not that that’s a bad thing I suppose. I guess I like reading Fantasy because it’s easy. Real-world stuff doesn’t interest me much and I’ve never really been able to get into a proper sci-fi book. Neither of the two books that were released today have arrived yet, I’m hoping they’ll come tomorrow but I don’t really mind if it takes a couple more days, I’ve gotta finish this one now anyway and order the second in the series.

I still haven’t managed to get to Wilkinsons to buy screws or spray paint, was gonna do it today but failed and ended up shopping with mum instead. We went to St. Helens and wandered around the shops, found a shop that sells remaindered books (but most of them were rubbish), I got one full of classic horror stories anyway.

I’ve actually got quite a backlog of books to buy now, most of them to do with either writing or chickens, but I’m thinking of buying this first, a book on how to edit your writing. It seems like an interesting and useful read, and I often struggle with editin, these paragraphs are all over the place, I start on something and then abandon it and then pick it up again five minutes later. Stream of consciousness.

They were unveiling a statue of one of the Saints players today, they put it on like, a verge in the middle of the road, between Tescos and a multistory car park, I reckon it’ll be hit by a car within a month, but it wasn’t the best statue I’ve ever seen. We missed seeing all the Saints players by about five minutes, the bartender lady in Wetherspoons was very disappointed that she was stuck indoors watching when she could see what was going on through the window.

I poured £6 of pocket change into the Coinstar maachine and found a “Dime” underneath. I have no idea how much it’s actually worth, but it’s kinda cool. I’ll post pictures on here in a bit camera is uploading right now, it’s just remembering to do it.

And I’ve hit my word-count. Yay! *Edits badly and posts*

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  • Stream of conciousness indeed :-) Hope you get the tooth sorted soon, one way or the other. Does tying it to the doorknob still work, or is that only in the comics.. oh, OMG DON’T DRINK! Your brain will explode! lol. Seriously, no idea what will happen – it’ll probably just make you much drunker much quicker.

    Found a dime, eh? There’s a bloke here: has a whole blog about his finds by them machines! Seems to have stoped writing it since the Beeb featured him last year, though.

    Ps: love the captcha words. “TOAST” this morning. Made me hungry – I think I need to go make some now!

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