Strike the Earth!

The second Dwarves book arrived this morning, just got done reading the first one through again. Trying to save the second one, otherwise I’ll read the whole thing in one sitting like I always do… Maybe I should only allow myself to read it after fulfilling useful tasks. ONE BLOG POST HERE I COME.

We took the dogs to the park today but didn’t do much else that I can remember… Emmy has lost all recall what-so-ever but she doesn’t dissappear off into the distance if you let her off the lead, she just doesn’t let herself get caught, so we let her and Sophie off today. I guess the next thing I need to do is mow the lawn, and I’m not entirely sure what to do about the front gate, can’t put the old one back on because it pretty much fell apart when I took the hinges off. (For future reference, they’re Strap Hinges, that took me quite a long time to find out) if I could get wood and a new saw I could make one a gate that fits properly. wtb motivation 1g /w me. I tried digging the front garden before realising I had absolutely no idea wtf I was supposed to be doing. Anyone got any good gardening resources to share?

Oh yeah, I was cleaning out the hamsters, and one of them escaped the cage, (I was trying to move him from one cage to another) jumped down onto the table, and then jumped off that table…

Plummeting 1 story over the banister and down the stairs.

He landed badly, but let me grab him before the dog ate him, after that jump he didn’t even want to jump down one stair, he peered over the edge and then backed away. But when I picked him up he made a noise and when I put him in the cage he was walking funny like he’d dislocated something… Sort of bent in the middle and dragging one leg. He seems a bit better now and has been eating/drinking, but if he’s still being odd in the morning I’ll take him to the vets… I know it’s only a hamster but I feel guilty and I don’t want him to be hurt. ._. Plus this vet is a lot cheaper than the one in Manchester.

I guess the last thing is I’m pretty much done with the antibiotics. God they taste horrible. Swelling is gone now and I should be going in for xrays tomorrow. I really am gonna try and get to Manchester to get it fixed, I really, really don’t want it out but we can’t afford to have it fixed privately, if it’s still even possible. Travelling makes me panic but if I plan enough I guess I should be ok. NationalRail says it should only be 20~ minutes on the train, but I’ve still gotta get to the place after that, and plan for delays I guess. They whine when you’re late.

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  • Still mowing the flowerbeds too, or did you finish those?

    Keep an eye on that hamster … true story coming up, look away if squeamish: We had two hamsters a few years ago, which escaped the cage. (Well, OK, they had help from the cats..) They avoided being eaten, but one did suffer a broken leg, according to the vet. Whom couldn’t actually do anything for it … It seems that Vets don’t cope well with being presented with something as small as a hamster.. Anyway, two days later it had vanished from the cage. Much panic and head scratching, until we found a *few* remains .. seems it had died, and promptly been eaten by the other one!

    Good luck with the teeth. Horrible things when they go wrong. Maybe you should try and transfer to a nearer dentist, once this is sorted.. As for the travel; don’t worry too much about it. I’d say use the right sites to book online in advance, but for that trip it probably won’t save you anything. But get the timetables, note alternate trains should the first go wrong, and just chill. If the dental hospital you want is the university one, it’s less than a mile and a half from Piccadilly: shouldn’t cost too much in a taxi, which would be easiest. Heck, you could even drop in for a cuppa…

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