Dig On For Victory

Lots of things today!

Mothers day presents arrived. I got her “Birdman: The Many Faces of Robert Stroud” (He wrote a recommended book about chickens) and two WW2 book reproductions. Eating and Digging for victory, she seemed pleased enough with them and the gardening one is interesting. They had “Make do and Mend” too but it didn’t seem as fun.

I cleared up my little bookshelf in the hall which is stocked entirely with Robin Hobb and Tamora Pierce (Fantasy writers write way too many books) and then hoovered up all the sawdust the hamsters reject from the cage and everything. Was good because Terence insisted on dragging his social worker up there to show her the hamsters later on. Still get slightly paranoid about anything being untidy when they come round, all the years of sudden inspections. :/

Then we had lunch! I tidied downstairs and then got bored of sitting around watching mum wrap birthday presents and started to tidy the front garden. Dug out the little flower bed between the house and the path down to the alleyway, threw some flower seeds all over the place. Then raked at all the dead grass on the front lawn for a while. I managed to get rid of about 4 years buildup of dead grass and leaves and in the process found flowerbeds, complete with flowers! Then I mowed the lawn with the mower blades on the lowest setting, so it’s basically just soil and the odd stubborn weed now. I guess I should throw some lawn food at it or something to get it going again. Digging the flowerbed was interesting, I found bricks and all-sorts buried in it.

Terence and his social workers arrived just as I started mowing, I finished though and then we went out.

Me and mum went to Ikea and M&S yesterday and got him nice stuff, teddies and cake, he got those today but we’re gonna have another little party for him on Sunday. While we at Ikea there I got a disco lamp for my room that hangs from the ceiling… Gonna put it up tomorrow! I’ve always wanted a proper one.

I had a disco lamp that sat on the floor, when we first got Emmy. I put it on and she chased the lights around the room for a while, then just sat staring at it, pawing it occasionally. Then it kinda died because I think the bulb I was using was too strong and nothing I could do would revive it. The next day though she went up to it and started pawing at it, and when that didn’t work she went and tried to plug it in! Seriously, she looked at the plug, looked at me, looked at the plug socket and whined. She’s too smart for her own good.

Anyway, we went out, and then we got lost! xD It was like, a three-mile drive and it took us over an hour. She’d forgotten her satnav and the directions we’d been given were vague. It was a fun night though once we got there, it was his 18th today and that means he’s finally moving away from all the social workers who’ve looked after him for the last 10 years. (Moving from child services and into adult, or something)

All-in-all, it was a good day. Gonna try and do the back garden tomorrow and see how long I can keep it up.

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  • I thought you’d been quiet.. just had five posts pop up all at once. Damn RSS reader…

    Good luck on the garden.. at least it’s the right time of year to be doing it should come up nice now it’s got a chance. Bad luck on getting lost, though!

    Love to T!

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