I’m terrible at thinking up titles.

Hmm. I’ve messed around with this blog so much today that it feels like I must’ve written loads, but in reality, I haven’t really written anything.

Comments should work now, theme was breaking them. There’s still a couple of aesthetic things wrong but everything just about functions now. Maybe if I get more into this blog, I’ll have more content and links to flesh it out.

Really I should just move this to the main page of my site, it’s not like there’s much else on it. I am glad I decided to buy that first year of hosting though, it’s been well worth it, even if just for the ease of sending files to people.

I suppose I should upload the holiday photos to photobucket, but mum keeps direct linking things and I feel bad deleting anything in case I break it. ;p (not that I think she reads my blog, if you do, hi.. don’t mention it. :p) Everything’s getting a bit messy behind the scenes.

For now, I think I’ll revamp my post-apocalyptic-swamp-fic and post it here. Maybe I’ll be able to motivate myself to ruin it by writing it further. I think it’s really awesome so far, when I wrote it, I was writing something I wanted to read. As long as I can get past my self criticalness, I think it could do ok. I found it in an old folder and it took me until halfway through to realise that I’d actually written it. I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if this author ever updated this…” before I realised.

It gets a bit ropey near the end and I think that’s where I ran out of dream-material and started just making it up, but it’s still worth backing up. Expect to see that some time tomorrow, depending on how fast it takes me to edit out all the spelling and grammar mistakes.

2 Responses to “I’m terrible at thinking up titles.”

  • Looking forward to the swamp-fic! I’ve done that myself; found files lurking on old media and only later realised that I wrote them myself! Although the particular case I was thinking of was something written about 1987, so I’ve got a bit more of an excuse there!

    Know what you mean about deleting things .. I still see 404s in my logs to things that haven’t existed for ten years. I should really set up a custom Not Found page with some adverts on it, make some money! Just keep the domain paid up, stick a redirect www->blog if you want, and don’t break anything else!

    Just remember, have fun!!

  • Hmm.. exclamation mark overload in that comment. Sorry.. I don’t normally get so excited.

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