Kocoro cancels update : Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress

Hmm. People came round yesterday, the deaf anorexic, her kid and the man with no feet. It was fun, we went for a walk, he did remarkably well.

Still playing the new DF release, one patch has been released so far but it’s still buggy as hell. Very few things that’re game-breaking for me so far, though, just one fort where everyone refused to use the main stairwell. In my current fort I seem to be having issues taming wild animals, but it might be just because I don’t have a dungeon master yet. (Edit : it is)

I hope. ;_; I have three wolves, a breeding pair of foxes and a couple of deer all sitting in storage.

I wonder which rocks are magma safe… Having my metal industry 150 z levels down is kinda slow. Using burrows to make a metal crafter live down there permanently but stupid dwarves keep going down there to drink his dinner, sit on his chair and sleep in his bed, ignoring the fact there’s all those things over ONE HUNDRED levels closer to home. Managed to fix both of it with restricted pathing (setting one square to mean 80 steps or whatever) but it’s still a pain. I can’t just seal him in totally because then the upstairs dwarves freak out.

Pif. About half an hour after I typed all that, the game bugged the hell out over a couple of inconsequential ramps that weren’t even inside the main fortress and I had to give up, I wish channeling worked properly. Digging a 5-level pit shouldn’t require micro management to the point of each individual square. I wanted a pit shaped like this (side view) x being open space and – being solid wall. It could have worked if the miner wasn’t an idiot.


Instead I got something like this.


My “best” miner threw himself all the way down it, broke both his legs and then complained he couldn’t path properly to dig himself out. He’s now lying on the floor of the hospital while my diagnostition drinks heavily.

And I’ve not even tried getting a military going yet.

Anyway. I booked the pups in for the groomers on Monday, Emmy is well cute with her long fur but it’s started to get really badly matted if I don’t brush her twice a day. Time for it all to go! I tried trimming Emmy’s bum and almost two days later she still hasn’t forgiven me. I offered her a pigs trotter earlier as a truce, so she’s not as upset as she was.

Somebody mailed me requesting a copy of Strawberry Magic, that was amusing. I sent one off. Most of my (very few) hits seem to be from people searching for that, (STRAWBERRY MAGIC 90S PC GAME OMG PHYSICAL COPIES STILL EXIST?!!), which is kinda amusing.

I think I’m gonna go to bed and see if my fort has sorted itself out in the morning.

4 Responses to “Kocoro cancels update : Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress”

  • I really must try DF again … for some reason I just couldn’t “get” it. But I love your write-ups; you’ll have to do more of them!

    Yep, it’s amusing re Strawberry Magic. Mind you … I’m just facing up to installing a W95 VM on the old (XP) laptop so that I can get some ancient Scooby Doo game working for Tiddler.. maybe I’ll try her on SM as well… :-)

  • lol. I found where they are talking about you, and hence the source of the enquiry..

  • Heh, yeah I saw that too.

    And why bother with dosbox and virtual machines when I’m sure you have all the parts lying around to just make a complete retro computer!

  • Well there are only so many computers that one can fit in the living room… But I may wipe this one and put something older on it – It’s only being asked to run simple games these days. If the Fisher Price stuff will work on it, I may try W98 – that ought to be blisteringly fast on a P4!

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