I’ve tidied up a lot more since these were taken. But I forgot to put the bins out last week and can’t do much until they’re emptied. Gonna start clearing out the shed and buy some bins for chicken feed, next.

Burnt meat on the little bucket barbaque yesterday, my hair still smells of smoke. Partly because I also burnt a whole magazine and several junk letters. I’m sad we haven’t had more political propoganda through the letterbox, all we’ve gotten so far is a letter from a lib dem candidate we can’t even vote for and one from the tory candidate. Still not feeling great, but a bit better than I did yesterday. Just a bit. Might be dairy that’s doing it, but it’s kinda hard to avoid…

Tempted to go make a cake, anyway. Away!

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  • Looking a lot better already … watch where you let the chickens roam, though – they can make a mess of flower beds!

    Smoke … ah, the scent of burning paper… only beaten by that of burning airfix models after they have been shot down of course. Sorry, memories of my youth there!

    We’ve got a sign on the gate that manages to stop most of the junk coming through. Apart from the takeaway-menu-deliverers that can’t actually read English. Well, they can barely speak it when I catch one anyway, so I presume they can’t read the very large print sign..

    I’m inclined to vote LD here, even though our incumbent is poison-dwarf Ms Hazel Blears, and it’s a pretty safe seat. Still, we can hope! I love the fact though that there’s a contender standing for an actual registered political party “Hazel Must Go”!

    Save us a slice of cake :-)


    Ultra safe labour seat here, my vote is worth 0.018!

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