Not done much today, but the day before yesterday I planted 25 tomato seeds, a raspberry plant, a fushia and a lavender I found surviving in a corner left over from last year.

Rode my bike 4-5 miles twice, but I think I need to work out how to sit properly, because I’m putting way too much weight on my hands. Rode down to the Sankey Viaduct and back.  (Well, a bit further because I got kind of lost) I knew it would be huge but I didn’t expect it to be quite so massive.

The tomatoes should be fun when they come up, 25 random heirloom varities, it’s not promised they’ll all be different, but should still be fun. I planted some round cucumbers too. There’s another 25 random tomato seeds still in the packet in the kitchen but I didn’t want to totally overwhelm myself. I think it’s time to invest in some growbags.

Welp, time to go put the chickens to bed.

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