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The Road to Eldorado, I hadn’t seen that in so long.

Brazil. I’m not entirely sure I understood it. Interesting film though. I guess I should watch it again next time I have 10 hours to kill.

Fuck that film was long.

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  • Getting out of my experience here… not seen any of these. Now, I did watch some strange, even weird, films, a few years back, when I left a PC looping on a.b.svcd fetching *everything*.. maybe that’s the technique I should start again, when I get asked “what shall we watch?” – just pick something totally at random, instead of trying to choose!

  • Watch Brazil. It’s a Terry Gilliam film and appears to be 1984 meets too much cheese before bedtime. (Not kid friendly at all.)

    Intacto is a Spanish film, that Pendulum video with the running was based on it. Good film, but slow and dark and subbed.

    I recommend you watch both of them, without reading any summaries or reviews first.

  • DVDs queued up … :-)

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