Eggs and stuff

It’s Hermia laying the eggs, she’s only missed one so far.

Except today there wasn’t one.

I think Emmy stole it… I went downstairs and found egg on the kitchen floor, perfectly cracked but no shell. Bits of shell on the stairs and no egg in the nestbox. None of the other 3 dogs care about the chickens but Emmy gets in there no matter what I do to keep her out. Need to buy some bits of 2×4 and build a proper little fence but I can’t without a car… Maybe there’ll be some affordable stuff on ebay.

Oh, and Steam is having a sale. Everyone in the world needs to own Altitude.

2 Responses to “Eggs and stuff”

  • Damn… now I’m sat here with Altitude at checkout, wondering if I have enough disc space for it. Looks like a cute game!

    Pity about the eggs .. Wickes will do you wood mail-order, but delivery is a bitch – at £20 for their “big and bulky” service, it’s likely to be more than you’ll spend on the wood…!


    This place looks like it has reasonable delivery, and if not, Wigan isn’t too far.

    And Altitude is 413mb, just be glad you didn’t buy the Star Wars game that was on sale a couple of days ago, that turned out to be 30gb.

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